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A forgotten god is beloved by forgotten peoples.

In the part of town best avoided after dark, there lies a shrine. Nobody can remember when it was built, or who built it to begin with, but all anyone can really say is that it's been around long enough that it had long since fallen apart when the old were young. It's a place lost to time, and one better off kept that way.

You play as Luca, a young drifter who, due to a sudden storm, is in dire need of someplace (reasonably) dry for a night. When the doors shut behind you, you'll have to use your wit and cunning to find a way out, and possibly give a few strangers a hand along the way. However, the shrine is a jealous, desperate thing, and one not content to let you go so easily.

Will you manage to escape, or will the world leave you behind?

Memoriam is an atmospheric adventure game that sees you pitted against a strange building that appears to have a will of its own, and invites you to explore and discover the other lost souls inside.

Look after yourself, but tread carefully.. how you treat those you encounter will not be forgotten.

Content Warnings: Some swearing. References to crime, homelessness, grief.

Controls (Configurable in options)
Arrow Keys -Move/Select
Z -Interact
Shift - Dash


This game was made in one week as an entry for the Games Jobs Live Game Parade Fall 2021.

Theme: Leave Something Behind

Memoriam won Best Narrative and Best Original Audio in the jam itself.

There may be a few time-constraint related bugs still knocking around, but the production itself it complete, and was completed in the week, with only minor fixes taking place since.


Made in RPG Maker MV

All of our art assets (barring some UI elements and some small effects) and music have been completely custom made for the entry.

Lost Carcosa Level Design, Writer, Event Programmer
Whyms Narrative Design, Lead Writer
Chaos1001 Artist
Forsaken_Waffle Composer
Additional Resources: GALV
Game Dev Market

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