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Long ago, in the dawn of man, before the world could be shaped as it is today, the path to becoming a legend was laid bare for all comers. Monsters freely roamed the land and the Gods gave blessings on a daily basis. Truly, it was a hero’s haven, if you knew where to go. Recently, there have been tales of a true monster god roaming the land, Medusa. She is said to have the ability to turn anyone foolish enough to challenge her to stone. Are you foolish enough to test this tale? Or will you let glory slip from your grasp?


Featuring a diverse cast of quirky characters with unique dialogue based on how you play the game
Dozens of spells, armors, and weapons to find and master throughout the game
Unique enemies with custom battle strategies when encountered
A compelling narrative inspired by the tales of Ovid.
Branching narrative based on your decisions in battle and in the overworld.

Planned: Gameplay of around 10 - 20 hours.
Planned: Dozens of dungeons to explore filled with mythic beasts and slimes.
Planned: Over 70 different kinds of weapons, try what fits you
Planned: Over 100 enemies, each with their own tactics of battle
Planned: Plenty of cities inspired by the myths of ancient Greece.


“The Gloryhound”
- A fool by any other name is still the same .
Born somewhere (metaphorically speaking) and raised on myth and fantasy, the Gloryhound seeks to find their fortune, not in doing good works, but in doing Glorious Projects. Hostile to criticism, the Gloryhound is a braggart, but good for little else.

“The Barbarian” - A true son of the land of Libya.
He claims to be some form of noble, a descendant of an honorable house of Berbers. Or is he a champion from Libya? Or was he a son of Apollo? Either way he's quite the talker and quite the fighter. He can be found in Corinth. Trying to leave and telling tales of his life.

“The Heathen” - Some type of wicked Magos.
She prays to no gods and serves no master. Truly a savage. Her powers come from nature and she is able to commune with the spirits, much better than she can with humans or maybe it's just the Gloryhound. She is rarely found in the city. You'd have better luck finding her in the woods with the other beasts.

“The Shrew” - A strong willed young woman. With a mask.
A real talker who whatever reason chooses to wear a veil. Maybe she's a leper. Or like so beautiful she'd bewitch Zeus. Maybe there's a beard under there. No one knows. She's a lady of real mystery for sure. She’s able to do something called “medicine” but it is more likely she is blessed by Hermes. Whatever the case, she’s a life saver.

Grey - A kind old hermit who has taken a liking to the Gloryhound.
He’s great at giving wisdom, though it always seems to be someone else's fault if things go wrong. He’s also great at finding problems for you to solve. Like unnaturally talented at finding things for you to do.

Medusa - The Queen of Serpents, the mother of monsters.
The True Villain of the Ancient world. Yes, no question. Truly and unequivocally, wicked, and bad. With a single glance, she can turn you to stone.
So beware.

Latest Blog

September update 2023

Hey there Heroes.

Hopefully, this will be the last general update for this game before release. The goal is some time in October presumably the 24th give or take a week.

I've been play-testing and adding the finishing touches. I'm making sure that what is released on the 24th is the best game possible for me.

It's a weird feeling that this project which has been such a big part of my life for so long is coming to a close. I hope that it is worth it and that everyone who has supported it, reviewed it, commented on it, or just shared it around is happy with it.

General notes, I've added all the final boss areas and playtested the Grey Route and God's Route. The last additions will be playing through with the King's Route and the Medusa route.

I hope to be finished soon and more than that I'm excited to release it soon.

See you again on release day!
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  • 01/21/2022 08:52 AM
  • 09/30/2023 03:53 AM
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Nice! Glad to see this finally on here! =)
Nice! Glad to see this finally on here! =)

Thanks!! I can't wait to show off more of the game!
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