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Progress Report

Glory's Fools Update 5/20

Hello everyone,

It's been a while. I've been working very diligently to make the game the best it can be so allow me to highlight some changes made in the past few months. I tried to work on smaller updates, but it kept ballooning. Good news, the demo is approved on Steam and that was a major goal of mine. Unfortunately, at the time of writing the store page is still not visible, but hopefully, that changes in the coming days. Moving on to the current build of the game:

Starting with the intro, I've cut some of the dialogue and added a RNG to one of the options just to speed things up.
I've cleaned up some of the writing to make characters more defined in the early game.
Added a friendship and annoyance mechanic which will play in the full game for secret abilities of some of the allies. This is a minor addition.
Added a bestiary for the enemies

Changed some of the bosses to be more challenging.
One major one that I'm proud of is the level up notification being more detailed.

I've also added some new skills to some of the monsters and characters.
I've changed some of the character's learn sets as well and added some priority skills as well.
I've worked more on Arachne's Dungeon to make it more playable and Pan's Forest to have more playability and accessibility.
Thebes has a full quest line along with a bunch of side quests.

This is closing in on the final updates to the demo as I get ready to work more exclusively on the final release. I will be updating this of course, but for now I hope you like the additions and the changes in the game so far!

Progress Report

Glory's Fools Update #2

Hey there everyone!

New update for Glory's Fools now live! Currently polishing up somethings so it's more fun to play and making some narrative revisions for cohesion. I want the story to flow a bit easier. Also! We're in the #QueerGamesBundle2022 on itch.io so honored to be included!


Changed intro for brevity
Grey still talks a lot but changed some of the dialogue to get to the point faster
Renamed some of the items for clarity and lore purposes (Kratos and Nike)
Changed Palace for playability!

I had been going back and forth in my mind about the size of some of the maps.

Added some plot variation depending on your Gender
Male/Masc Characters can explore and extra area to recruit the Shrew

Female/Femme Characters have hidden boss in the Palace.
Non-Binary Characters have bonuses elsewhere in Thebes.
Added hidden items for the palace

Slowly but surely trying to get this ready for full release! Thank you for reading and I hope you get a chance to play!

Progress Report

Update #1

Grand Rising !

Another month of work done! Didn't really meet the goals I set for last month, but I did manage to add a lot of ideas I wanted to!

Major Update:
I got the boat mechanic I wanted to work! Sailing added to the game! You can explore the entire map if you get to the port!

Minor Updates:

Shortened the Barbarus Recruitment script
Added some additional portraits for:

King of Athens


Added a randomizer if you pick the "I'm confused" gender option

Started the work for the Temple of Athena

Revised some item names and added some new ones to find
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