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Glory's Fools Update January 2023

Greetings Heroes!

Another year of development in the books. I want to say first this is the final year I will be working on Glory’s Fools so I’ll be aiming for monthly updates as I start to get all the pieces in order.

This new update is so players can have a game more in line with what the final build of Glory’s Fools will be.

Starting off with combat. I have changed the starting skills and also changed how some of the characters function in the game. Barbarus is still the the strongest physical member, but Moros isn’t a slog to fight with anymore.

I removed some of the mandatory battles. I received feedback that they’re a bit tedious and I agree. I have switched their placement and reduced them in areas with random battles active.

I have added some new elements for the weapons. Some weapons have special abilities that only they can unlock.
Some weapons and armors give the wearer abilities.
I have added some but I will add more as I polish up the database. For now, be sure to try the Lucky Pendant that Grey gives you.

I have changed some of the formulas for critical hits and damage. I also have removed dexterity as a stat.

This leaves ATK INT SPD HP and MANA as the stats that will vary upon level up.

I’m still working on balancing combat, so if something seems too strong or too weak early game let me know.

Fixed a soft lock that occurs if the player is able to bypass the Thebes castle guard.
I found out about why my Satyrs weren’t disappearing after the battle. I corrected that oversight.

I have added a challenge map to the world of Glory’s Fools, the Pit of Hades. Only your main character will be able to enter and you will have to beat in one attempt as there are no save points in the map. As you venture forth the enemies get stronger and stronger. But if you manage to beat them all, you will take on Thanatos himself and unlock a hidden weapon or Armor.

For the majority of the demo everything is the same, some characters are added to make things a bit less repetitive in appearance.