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Glory's Fools May Update 2023

Hey everyone, here's your May Update


New Maps:

Typhon's Lair: Venture deep into the treacherous lair of the fearsome Typhon, a legendary creature of immense power.

Acephali Island: Explore a mysterious island populated by strange creatures and uncover the secrets hidden within.

Expanding the world of Greece with more bosses to hunt such as Harpies and Sirens and Cyclops.

New Mechanics and Puzzles:

Introducing new gameplay mechanics that add depth and challenge to the game. Solve intricate puzzles to unlock hidden treasures and progress through the story.

Encounter interactive elements in the environment that require clever thinking and strategic decision-making to overcome.

New Monster Art

Combat Balance Changes:

Some combat abilities have been buffed to provide more impactful and satisfying gameplay experiences.

Certain areas of the game have received nerfs in difficulty to create a more balanced and enjoyable progression for players.

Note: The update also includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and general quality of life enhancements to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Enjoy the updated version of Glory's Fools Demo and immerse yourself in the exciting new content!