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"The truth can hurt."

Sylvia returns to the place where she would meet with her beloved - a far away place where the two could be honest - to await him. She has recounted their best and worst days to the winds that cradled them and a voice which has taken up residence in "our place". For months she has done this, and the voice which once lent her its ear is growing impatient.

"Why would he return to such a spoiled brat?"

"Because he loves me," she would reply. Time wears heavy on the heart and she questions why he has yet to return, but she is stubborn in her love and so this place remains theirs... and the stories continue.


Taking place during the events of Tales from Zilmurik, you take on the role of Sylvia's beloved as her stories take you wherever she might fancy you to go. The northeastern realm of Eylin where Lireseron was built serves as the focal point for this short story. Much of this may at first appear familiar, but being a work of fantasy by this unreliable narrator, there is always confusion about what is true and what is fiction. Will the truth set her free, or is freedom found in resolute happiness?

Developer's Note: I went into this project with Smile Game Builder's core strength and what makes it different - its camera function - always at the forefront of my design philosophy. It's an exercise in cinematography as much as it is a game. As you play, keep this in mind and you may discover the intended deeper meaning in each cutscene. I can only hope I did a good job.

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