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Wander the continent as a poor vagabond. Struggle to build wealth by hunting, fishing, and helping strangers. Or skip the struggle and steal from everyone you meet.

Vagabond is a short, open world action RPG where you choose your path to wealth. Explore the capitalistic continent of Fallkirk and walk the line between hero and criminal.

Drymnir, abandoned as child, has never known home or stability. He finds himself in Dead Man's Hollow, a camp for the wretched with nowhere to call home, where even bread and water feel out of reach. Sparked by a dream of greatness, he begins his journey. The path he takes is up to you.

Unique Local Reputation System
You're not the hero everyone's talking about. You're reputation hasn't spread. Banished from a village for your crimes? No problem. Head to the next town and start over. Craft your own redemption arc.

Poor to Rich
Choose from one of many paths to wealth - hunting, fishing, trading, bounties, or crime.

Action Combat
Summon zombies and imps, find new spells, and upgrade your gear to survive.

Latest Blog

This game was started in 2006

The year was 2006. Elder Scrolls Oblivion was the peak of game design. But Bethesda couldn't celebrate, for they knew Vagabond would soon release.

Vagabond was meant to be similar to Oblivion, but like 10 times better. You would have continents (multiple continents) of content to explore. You would earn enough money to buy a ship and sail the world and trade goods at exotic ports and then delve deep into a nearby dungeon. Every NPC would have a quest line (every single one).

Then I gave up after a few months.

Jump forward many years, and I discovered Vagabond collecting virtual dust on an old harddrive. I gave it a play, and honestly, it was pretty fun. The game is far from the original vision, but it's still an entertaining 2 hour adventure.

Now everyone can enjoy Vagabond Definitive Edition. I took the 2006 game and applied a layer of polish and finished every zone in the starter island.

Explore this micro-sandbox RPG, be transported back to 2006 game design, and run from the guards like a criminal scum.
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  • 01/24/2022 12:59 AM
  • 03/09/2022 05:14 PM
  • 01/23/2022
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Can you please explain how the fishing is working?
As long as I wait for an answer, I continue with the Lionguard.

Are there more locations with Rare monsters like the Red Jelly???
Fishing is a gambling game. Every time you tighten the line, the tension increases by a random amount. If the tension goes over 21, the line snaps. But if you finish too early and the line isn't tight enough, the fish escapes.

The Red Jelly is the only rare monster. Maybe I should have added more!
Is there another limit of the Hilltop Mines apart your money?
The money limit seems to be 2x cleared floors + 4 G (I could have forgotten to note some treasures).
The rarest treasures I have found are Tomb of Greater Lockpick and Greater Hunting as well as Tomb of Fire and some Mana and Health Potions.
Currently earning Meat drops in the Blackwell Forest.
Is there a treasure great enough to return to?
There's no limit to the mines. As long as you have money to pay the return fee, you can move to the next floor.

The best drops are Tomb of Greater Lockpick and Greater Hunting, which can only be found in the mines. Sounds like you've already found the good stuff.
As long as I haven't missed something like the boat for Theodore (He still won't reconcile with his father) or other things for good deeds,
I can only lower my relationship with Theodore or Lionguards now to get the Rogue to talk with me (and another certain shop to increase its stock).

Edit: have done that and currently regaining my relationships.
Theodore's boat + reconciling with his father was cut from the game, unfortunately. You were also supposed to be able to build Dead Man's Hollow into a proper town.
Thanks for the answer, then I have finished anything else.

It would have been nice if you not only get gold unlocking the houses but to really break in them.
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