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Demo Version: Out Now

It is quite hard to tell someone: Why You Should Buy My Game. You should spend money on me. I guess, the easiest way to convince one is to give a demo. To show: Hey, this guy knows what he is doing! This is pretty good!

So here you go: A demo of A Ghostly Rose. It will cover all the way up until the completion of the Garden Tower. That is more or less a 1/4th of the game.


A Ghostly Rose is OUT NOW

Steam: https://t.co/mgWbd9Glcj

Itch: https://zds.itch.io/a-ghostly-rose

Hope you all enjoy. *dies*

Progress Report

The Last Stretch

A Ghostly Rose comes out in like, 6 days. Let me tell you, I am exhausted. Morbidly exhausted. I love making games. I do not love releasing games.

For about two years, I worked on this project. It was something only my eyes all. I barely even showed my wife it. Yet, I was having fun. I loved daydreaming about dungeons and characters and story moments. I loved making it. Every moment of the game is something I would be personally hyped about when playing a game. It was kind of like my own secret place.

I dreaded marketing it.

I believe in my project. I genuinely believe that if you enjoyed any of my earlier stuff, you will enjoy this. Hopefully more. I believe in its quality. I know that it is a good game. I know that I gave it my all.

Marketing is exhausting. It is like participating in online dating in the sense of you have to put yourself out there and brace yourself for a wave of rejection. Some people like stuff like tinder and whatnot. I am married for a reason. I hate hate hate all that.

But it is reality. I game make from the heart, so I have to build a wall in order to not take these things personally. The wall is there. I understand that my game is niche. I am fine with that. I know that RPG Maker has stigma. I understood that long before I even pressed New Project.

As the last stretch has officially begun, I see the light at the end of this tunnel. Hopefully, this wall I built won't have to up for much longer and I can let go and move onto my next thing. Freedom from this burden is what I yearn for right now. To make my new secret hideout for me to escape to.

Marketing is a burden, though I owe it to A Ghostly Rose. I owe it to try my best and hope it reaches people. The gamble will soon pay off or dwindle. Either way, I know I gave it my best go.


Edmund Unleashed - April 5

A Ghostly Rose will be ready for release on April 5.

I have been furiously developing this game since 2019. It is good to finally let it off my shoulders soon.

If you liked Three Ghostly Roses, then you will be in for a treat. I am very proud how this turned out.

If you have any questions, ask away. I'd love to answer.

Hope you all enjoy!

Progress Report

A Ghostly Rose Marketing Week #1 Wrap Up

Marketing your game is very interesting. I find it like driving. You stay in your lane and keep going forward. A lot of people drive past you, in a rush, switching lanes nonstop to get where they want faster. Then there are some folk who let you in when the time is needed, and you nod in acknowledgement of their kindness. Then you do the same, hoping it will help someone else as well.

Click here to see the various content I posted this week to market this thing.

Or check my Twitter page


A Ghostly Rose Dev Journal #1

Since I began development on A Ghostly Rose, which was maybe around July 2019, a LOT has happened in my life. Mainly the death of my dad and the birth of my child. I developed this game while my wife and I worked full time jobs. While she was pregnant and while we took care of a newborn. Life never slowed down, it only got more intense as time passed.

I worked on the game during little pockets of free time here and there. Whether it was downtime at work, or as the baby napped.

There has never been a ‘good time’ to dev for me. I constantly have to make it work. Whether it is good times or it is bad times. It has never been easy for me to just sit down and develop a game. My life does not revolve around this hobby of mine. I doubt it ever will. And that is a good thing.

It is constantly on my mind. I am always thinking three steps ahead. I am constantly crafting worlds. It is honestly more of a burden than a joy. Yet it is a burden I love. I have said this before and I will say it again. I develop games because I have to, not exactly because it is fun.

If my life revolved around game development, I would be miserable. It is a craving that is never satisfied. It is a burden that never gets easier. I love it, but it is a love that often is not kind in return.

I often think to myself: 'Why did it take me so long to make this?’ Like I failed because I did not work on it as fast as I could have. Then I think back to everything that happened. Oh, a lot DID happen.

This game has a lot of history for me. This version especially.

Why A Ghostly Rose Again

For those who do not know, I previously released Three Ghostly Roses

Back in May 2019, I finished and released Cope Island: Adrift. ‘What’s next?’ I asked myself. I had about two much larger stories in my head well thought of, but there was something bothering me before I could move on to those.

Three Ghostly Roses.

But wait, don’t people generally like that game? Yes, it is my most successful game BY far. People seem to like it, much to my delight. Why can’t I just move on to the next thing?

I could have done a much better job on it.

That is true for everything you do! Just move on.

No, it could be so much more. I rushed it, thinking Cope Island was my big project. It was to help me get through being ghosted by a certain company. Developing Three Ghostly Roses taught me so many lessons. It was why I was able to jump back to my feet and make the Cope Island I wanted to make (mostly) by myself. But the game itself? It lacked something. It lacked something quite important.

Three Ghostly Roses lacked me.

I tried to talk myself out of remaking Three Ghostly Roses for a while. I convinced myself to move on quite a lot of times. The issue was, ideas kept flowing. The story changed so much in my head. The gameplay changed. I had thought of this new game altogether, while keeping a similar blueprint.

So I decided to start making it. Patiently, I chipped away at it. It became something I am very proud of.

It is a completely new game. It is half sequel, half remake. New story. New graphics. New gameplay. New world. New soundtrack. If you enjoyed Three Ghostly Roses, please treat this as a new game altogether, rather than a replacement or a definite version.

I look forward to telling you all more about what the game is. It is very special to me.

If you want consistent updates about this game, please follow me on twitter. Likes, retweets, or wishlisting on steam. It is all a massive help.
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