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Monster collecting, empire building, RPG.


Semi-realtime RPG Battles with 6 party member groups.
Farming & Foraging in Albion (the hub-world).
Maybe more later.

Introduction / Story

"The Mists are all that is or ever was or ever will be.
From them, all was born.
In them, all will perish.

The size and age of the Mists are beyond understanding.
They are the grandest of mysteries.

Lost somewhere between infinity and eternity lie the realms of men.

In a grand perspective, most human concerns seem insignificant, even petty.

And yet their species is young and curious and brave and shows much promise. In the last few centuries they have made the most astonishing and unexpected discoveries about the Mists and our place within them, explorations that are exhilarating to consider.

They remind us that understanding is a joy, that knowledge is prerequisite to survival.

And yet their promising future was betrayed by dogma and superstition. They extinguished the flames of knowledge and abandoned their houses of light, whose radiance kept the Mists at bay.

A single flame keeps shining bright in the Lighthouse of Albion, hidden from the Church of the Unseen God.

Will its flame be extinguished too, or will the Children of Albion journey out into the unknown, and save humanity from itself?"

~ Clara Sang, Wanderer of the Mists


Sophia von Albion

Plans to search for her father, who journeys the mists and hasn't been back to Albion since she was a young child.

Lunaris Neferu

She is very curious, has a short temper, and likes to brawl.

Dreams of traveling freely through the realms with Sophia.

Shango Labrys

A kindhearted and honest young fool, who wants to change the realms for the better.

Tries to push Sophia into overthrowing the current powers, be they mercenaries, warlords, or kings.



You play as Sophia, who is the only party member resilient enough to withstand the high Mana density within a Lighthouse. Your goal is to rekindle the Lighthouse flame.

RPG Battles:

While traveling the world in a small party, battles will be fought in this mode. You control 6 monsters, each with access to up to 6 skills. You can either command each monster individually, let them fight on their own.

Farming & Foraging:

While one party is out fighting the good fight, others might be left back in Albion (the main base/hub world) and spend the day raising crops, foraging, and preparing food and items for future excursions.

Latest Blog

Tilemaps and Movement

After getting some feedback and trying to fix the problems, the battle system will once again be split into 2 parts, one for up to 70 vs 70 unit warfare and one with 6 vs 6 tactical combat.
The main reason being that the auto combat with 6 vs 6 up to 18 vs 18 units couldn't keep up with the complexity of the skill system and I don't want to dumb it down.
So we are kind of back to the good old days with regular battles and conquest/warfare. We have come full circle.
The latter will be auto attack based, the former semi turn based. More on that at a later time.

As for today:

After the editor freezing on me a couple dozen times, I did finish a test map with a player character and multiple height levels.
(I am hopeful that many of the current problems with the Tilemaps will be fixed by version 4.1, right now it helped to stay away from renaming or reordering existing layers to prevent freezes/crashes.)

As you can, or maybe can't see, there are 2 movement, an idle, and a jump state for the player. There is grid based movement and jumps for regular travel and a grid free movement for encounter areas. The transition is smooth.

And thats pretty much it for the last month. Currently a bit more busy irl, I hope to make bigger, more frequent updates again starting at the end of july.
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