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Progress Report

Battle Basics 1

Godot 4.0 has been out for a week and I have been working with the Release Candidates of and on with some crashes since January.

So, as a sign of life, here is a work in progress version of the battle ui with auto attacks and heals:

There are hotkey group assignments, click and rect selection, and auto-scroll-to-selected.
Then basic camera movement, unit path follow, and control route creation.
Also auto attacks, as well as some auto use of healing skills and the overhead castbar.

There is still a LOT to do. I'll give an update once some more battle features are done.

Progress Report

Skills menu video and last blog for the year

Skill menu is more or less done, still a load bug as seen at the end.

There likely won't be another update this year.
Working on the battle system lead to a couple of problems with the engine (Godot 4 betas 5 and 6) at the time.
There is now a version 7 and they have switched to weekly releases, but at least 5 and 6 broke some other things.

More updates again once things start to be more stable, or at least the most relevant bugs are fixed and I make some progress with the battle system.

Progress Report

Dialog / Textboxes done, still working on skills menu and battle system

The dialog system is more or less done.
Featuring fixed position parallel and serial, big and one line textboxes.
Plus some autoscroll one liners that follow their origin.
Nothing too fancy here, but since there is no default implementation in Godot like in rpg maker and I didn't want to use dialogic, there needed to be some implementation.
This one was meant to copy and expand on some of the features i liked from various Ace/MV/MZ textbox scripts/plugins.

Currently working on skill menu and battle system.
The former will likely see some form of video this year.
The battle system might take a while to be functional/presentable, so maybe December/early next year?

Progress Report

Follower Status Menu Preview is up.

Quick look at the follower status menu:

Currently working on skill menu and some basics for the battle system, as they go hand in hand.
Skill menu preview will likely be up next in a couple weeks, battle system preview might take quite a while longer.

Progress Report

Mission Menu

Mission Menu is done, though filled with filler/test content for now.

Been working on monster skills and monster status menu too, but those aren't ready.
Also added some quality of life stuff like saving currently open menus and tab order.
(More on that once the monster status menu are done, as those have 5 tabs atm and more to come.)


Out of the Shadows

Here are 2 videos on the main and followers menu, as screenshots don't really capture the functionalities:

Main menu:

Followers menu:

Godot 4 beta 1 has been out for 2 weeks and it seems stable enough to at least start porting, and improving on, the menu and database parts I have been working on in Godot 3.x. I'll try to give more regular updates (maybe every (other) month), but no promises here.
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