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Post Beta v4 to "Release Candidate"

Updated to Post-Beta v4; removed one F-word, some dialogues that were cut off are now fixed, few of the same dialogues are changed, Claire's wrong position and time-limited gauge that I forgot to remove are now fixed again. If there are some issues, I'll fix them again!

ALRIGHT! The "Release Candidate" is a completed and final version of the game that improves it better than the previous versions;
  • (Almost) All of the grammar issues are now fixed!

  • Every longer dialogue who were cut off is now fixed.

  • Added more music for all acts of this game.

  • There are four different cinematic borders in this game, while the two were inspired by Gaspar Noe's upcoming movie, Vortex.

  • Every character's movements are now arranged and fixed.

  • Several F-words are now removed.

  • "COUNTER" from the first game, was renamed as "MISS CHAVEZ", who serves as a school cafeteria lunch lady.

  • The end credit is now improved, with images of all acts throughout the game, but the song didn't change.

  • "SOPHIE" eyes are changed due to similar to "DANIELLE" from the fourth act.

  • Some references to popular culture were added or changed.

  • Some dialogues from the first act were added.

  • Thanks to Galv, I added a plugin called "Balloon Sound Effect".

If there is something about an issue or you have an issue about my game, just post your feedback on this discussion board.


The Older Version to Post-Beta

Post-Beta on itch.io is now available to play on Windows, Linux, macOS, and HTML which you can play it online! Almost finished every act, but some writings need to improve soon due to stress lately, though I'm not ready to fix it now or later. Here's the list below;

  • All of the script's issues are now almost fixed on two acts.
    The added opening scene and end credits.
    • Same as the post-alpha and closed-alpha versions.

    • The second act is now almost completed except; for the prologue and some scenes will be added soon.

    • Added the demo of the last three acts, but some writings need to improve soon.

    • The Male's character faces are now lifted to right on the first two acts, and the rest too.

    • You can press ESC to the menu and be able to save the game during messages.

    • Fix issues including missing sprite and looping BGS

    • Added some scenes in the fourth act

    • Added some script in some acts

    • Updated to Post-Beta v2; in the fourth act, there's a scene where Anywnn said: "a few dialogues going out of the textbox on the right so we cannot see it just like this screenshot after "you" I believe there is something like "don't know"? but we cannot see it and then below the dialogues continue, with this same screenshot after this dialogue text the game goes back to when she speaks about waiting for the taxi again and again so the game does not proceed forward to the next act."

    • Updated to Post-Beta v3; reduced the age 15+ to 12+ due to strong language, like the F-words throughout the game. For the sake of the streamers and Dr. Antonio, this will appeal to teenage and adult viewers.

    So sorry for being lazy at updates and developments, and I can't decide to play my game myself because of school or getting gamingsick. If you wanna play the game, it's your choice.


The Game Jam Edition

Both the HTML and Windows Edition are now updated. However, some updates in the game follow the list below;

- All of the scripts in the game were almost unchanged, but additional including a demo of the second act.

- Add two kinds of music, which were composed by Eric Matyas.

- Added camera controls to make it more cinematic.

- Some SFX were added and replaced.

- The intro was downgraded (both HTML and Windows Edition) due to some unknown reasons about controls.
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