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NOTE: This Game is in german!!

The world Assuran is in a harmonious equilibrium. All peoples live lucky und peaceful.
But before 200 years humans found out that they were deceived. Their fate and their life were directed, embodied by a higher power by the Highelves.
These natures, which lived highly above apart and completely unidentified on other peoples and cultures in the forests of the mountain Lash'Dhon, were gifted with the power of prediction and the magic. By its charm strength it was possible for them to completely partition themselves and to live centuries long in the hiding.
Due to their abilities they led the fate of humans and were awake in such a way over the peace and the harmony in Assuran.
Dazzled of their greed humans were after the power of the magic and attacked Lash'Dhon. With the help of the Fallen Ones - a collection of Hoghelves, which had loose-said themselves however of the others - it was possible for them to overcome the defense of the Highelves and subjugate it. The people of the Highelves became absent-minded into all hoist.
In the course of the time the Elves mixed itself with humans, whereupon the Halfelves developed, natures, which differed outwardly only by their longer ears from humans.
Neither one nor the other one found the Halfelves nowhere to affiliation and based thereupon own settlements.
As much to the prehistory of "Divinitas".

For more Infos please visit the official Homepage: hhtp://divinitas.rmxp.de

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Hey, this little game is looking pretty healthy! I checked out your site for it as well, and the screens and videos there look excellent. Your maps are atmospheric and your menus look very impressive. Good job on demonstrating the capabilities of RMXP! Cheers. :)
I'm downloading it now. This looks like one of those demos I may need to review.
can you come up with a english version this game looks awsome
can you come up with a english version this game looks awsome
^That comment is somewhat ironic. If you want an English version, then you should at least be able to use the language properly. "An English", not "A English", that just sounds childish. Awesome not Awsome.

Broken download link.
yeah I will just be happy with etheir the English version or Spanish version,that's the great thing about being bilingual XD
Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Catchaser?
I wish i could favourite comments.
Sieht verdammt gut aus aber ich mag Demos nicht besonders..werds aber saugen sobald die vollversion draussen is ^^
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