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As the new manager of an idol studio, your job is to scout out fresh talent, train them to sing and dance, and put as many CDs and DVDs on the market as you can within a short period. Idolcraft is a multilinear simulation presenting a challenge revolving around resource management, puzzle-solving, and miscellaneous gameplay elements, designed to be replayable. Training each girl to stardom will require more than one attempt.

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  • flowerthief
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  • Simulation
  • 06/24/2009 09:19 PM
  • 04/20/2024 06:08 AM
  • 06/27/2011
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I am only gonna download this because
1) It's a completed game
2) A rmxp game that does not follow an epic storyline interests me.
face it, you just want to see if there's hidden hentai
Lies all lies, I refuse everything ^ said!!!
Lol. I don't mind ultimately disappointing people on that score if that's what it takes to get them to try the game ^^
I didn't download this game because there might be hentai though...I am not that kind of pervert this game really interested me because of the facts I wrote before.
I don't know if there is some hentai, becaouse i don't playing so long this game, but I will start from a bright side of this production:
+Good idea.

And that's all for me. Music is nothing interesting for me, but now the bad side, hehe :D

-We can change our name and other stuff in... houses! What a dumb idea....
-It is hard to examine if this building is just a building, a work place or a shop.... everything look same! Clone wars or what?
-Day ends.... you know i was in the city, and the day ended... it automatically teleported me to studio... what the heck!? I should decide when the day end. You should change it with stamina. When stamina reach zero, than we go to sleep, but it's your game and that's just only my idea.

and maybe there is something more, but i am not a patient man i don't want to play this more, maybe if u will make it better to play... sorry man.
I'm so lost in this game. Clueless about what I have to do.
This game's got a lot of potential, but I really think the player's task should be more focused on managing and less on guessing. I never know where to find the girls, or what to do for them.
By the way, I added it this game to Marvel Brothel's "You Might Also Like..." tab. ^_^
It's an interesting game. I just played one full game of it, and it seems interesting. Of course, I had no idea what I was doin', yet it was fun.

+Like the music.
+Different then normal.
+/- I like the fortune idea, yet sometimes I couldn't figure out where somethings are.
- Felt it was a bit short. Finally got into the groove of the game and it ends.

I liked the game, figuring out what to do next makes the game re-playable. ;)

Was a glitch fixed in the full version where a prediction was given to you and you weren't able to solve it that day?
Very good game but how can you solve the dorm mysteries i finished the game made one of my idols first but in the final rankings i got B+ and told that i haven t found dorm mysteries now i m playing in infinite calendar mode..... Oh and how can i unlock the girl in the garden of a house.... I try to enter but a man says if i m the fish deliverer..... Where am i supposed to find the fish to give him?
I'm unsure about infinite calendar mode,whether the event shows or not.
Check the basement,(end of dorm hallway)the message will say you need a key.Etsuko will predict one morning about a strange man (in a trenchcoat) having something you'll need(a lighter).Save before you go out to look for him, then use the lighter inside the studio(hint:it's a little chilly in here,where can I start a fire to get warmed up?)
If you've done that already,the dorm mystery will show up late in the game,where the girls think there's a ghost downstairs and you'll have to go down to the basement to investigate.

To unlock the girl the man asks if you're here for a delivery(listen carefully).There is a store just down and to the left. Just purchase what he asked for and deliver it for him and you can talk to her.
Actually i did the thing with the basement in my first game but i did it just close to the end..... I gave the photographs to the ex-idol but i was close to the end and the ghost thing didn t appear....

I didn t see this store i ll check now that you informed me..... Thanks a lot..... People should make other games like this there are only 2 on this site idolcraft and marvel brothel they are really fun games to play
I think you have to recruit Fumika(and/or Nanako).One night, she will come in Hiroki's room saying she can't sleep in her room, because she keeps hearing noises, and asks to sleep in your room . O_o
You're on the right track if you see this event, the next event you will go to the basement.Good Luck!
I love this game are you going make another idolcraft
Sorry it took me so long. I completely forgot about this site. The current version (which has been out for awhile but I forgot to come back here) fixes all known bugs and there are some balance changes to the roulette house.

To the above poster, I have no plans to make another Idolcraft. My current project (now in beta!) is completely different but it also has bishoujo :)

I might actually give this Japanese simsploitation a try.
Hm... is this like THE iDOLM@STER but with the 'gameplay' turned around?
Really loved this game. Everyone of you must give it a try (esp if you're into sims and tycoons and stuff).
You don't know how much I love this game.I played it after 7-8 months,but its enjoyment level was still same i.e.5/5!btw what is the no.of file.I need them for recruiting Bunny(Keiko).
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