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As the new manager of an idol studio, your job is to scout out fresh talent, train them to sing and dance, and put as many CDs and DVDs on the market as you can within a short period. Idolcraft is a multilinear simulation presenting a challenge revolving around resource management, puzzle-solving, and miscellaneous gameplay elements, designed to be replayable. Training each girl to stardom will require more than one attempt.

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  • flowerthief
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Simulation
  • 06/24/2009 09:19 PM
  • 12/09/2016 06:02 AM
  • 06/27/2011
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Days end way too quickly. It's hard to get anything done at all when you get told you need to go to bed three minutes after your day starts. Getting lost on a confusing city map with tons of dead ends doesn't help matters. I probably played the game less than an hour before I gave up and deleted it.
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random notes

walk speed is fast would like a optional half speed

fancy perfume doesn't work supposed to increase charm by 8 but gives nothing

dont like needing to manually feed the girls. thats pretty ridiculous (as well as needing to know there measurements) but really they cant feed themselfs?

also would be better if all he shops were in 1 area and or had a nice detailed map showing where everything is.

hmm this was a interesting idea not my cup of tea but was fun to spend a ill time on.
pretty much a dating sim w/o the dates o.o
make girls like you bring them home and do stuff to them.

hora hora :3
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
If the SnowRoseGames site is correct, the answer to the secret bush password is...


...however, I make no promises. Maybe I should, like, play this game?
i found the cheating bush in the park
but i dont know the answer for that question.
Can you help please?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
if this was a dating sim i would avoid it not cuz they are bad i simply have no interest in building a relationship with a fictional character being the main focus of a game
but since the goals different here ill try it
For the oddest reason, I can't seem to get XP games to work. Although I only tried two or three, it always ended the same way 'RGSS Player has stopped working'

5/29/2013: Never mind, for the oddest reason, my comp was changed to prevent XP games...:(
There are two correct answers. Her prefecture, or her city. Prefecture is easier, because how many 5-letter prefectures are there in Japan that could fit the bill? (answer: just one) If you need another hint, it's a country region and very few celebrities are from it.
Ah, thank you! Oh, and what is the birthplace of your favourite idol! I have no idea what the seven-letter word is!
I didn't think that there was one, but I just did a search and found that somebody did make a guide. At a quick glance, some of the names are spelled wrong and I can't vouch that the information is all correct, but hopefully that helps!
Hello, is there a walkthrough anywhere? I love this game and play it regularly. I have finished it for an age now, but I still have no idea how to get some of the characters... I need the walkthrough!
I searched far and wide to find an artist like Sunnyvale who distributes quality vocal tracks like that for free. Link is in the readme.
Finally got A+ without cheating or playing that roulette game:),got rei & bunny the only girls which I had not got yet so I guess I completed this game :)but I want more :(
where did you got the songs of this game from?I love sunnyVale's songs esp dreamy train
thanks i will try it in next I play it.Can't get tired of it :)
Glad to hear that :)

To answer your questions, A+ is the highest grade. The number of the file needed for Bunny is different on each playthrough. The way to learn it is...
You must help Bunny when she is drunk. Look for her in the northwest area of the map near the vending machines on a rainy day....
You don't know how much I love this game.I played it after 7-8 months,but its enjoyment level was still same i.e.5/5!I got B- at my first time(no cheating or playing Roulette game in-fact I didn't even knew about them at that time lol) playing it If I remember correctly,A at my 2nd time(I played that Roulette game)A+ at my 3rd time(again played Roulette game).Now I played it after a long time & got a B(without cheating or playing Roulette game).Honestly I loved it,Love it now & will continue to love it in future too>_<.

btw what is the no.of file,I need them for recruiting Bunny(Keiko) & is there any S grade or it stops at A+?
You don't know how much I love this game.I played it after 7-8 months,but its enjoyment level was still same i.e.5/5!btw what is the no.of file.I need them for recruiting Bunny(Keiko).
Really loved this game. Everyone of you must give it a try (esp if you're into sims and tycoons and stuff).
Hm... is this like THE iDOLM@STER but with the 'gameplay' turned around?
I might actually give this Japanese simsploitation a try.
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