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Looking for the original Town of illustive? https://rpgmaker.net/games/5592/

A town mysteriously appears solely on Halloween night. its origin and creator/s are unknown. Those who have witnessed the town relate their experiences and opinions on books and stories told through the people until their death. Over time, tales and legends were passed down from one generation to another. Until its eventual obscurity and becoming relics of the past.

One day, Wade Severstone stumbled upon these forgotten legends and divulged them to his classmates, daring them to venture into the town and verify the authenticity of its fabled accounts.
Welcome to Town of Illustive

A mystery puzzle game full of hidden legends and lore.
You play as Jenet, a new transfer student of Falica High who ends up taking the dare and finds herself deep into the town legends. She must solve the legends and unravel the secret this town can offer.

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Town of illustive Episode 1 is now out

Town of illustive is now available

Purchase the game on steam today
Episode 2 will be released in the near future.
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