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Long ago, there stood a great kingdom, a kingdom like no other. It was called Arcadia, a place where no man toiled and all the races lived in peace. However, all good things must to come an end. A blood red meteor, some say a comet, descended upon the land, bringing great destruction and spreading horrific beasts called terrors everywhere. Thus, Arcadia was reduced to ruin, her technology lost, and from her ashes rose two great empires. Ferngulf, who worshiped the 12 seraphim of old, and Morda Vael, who worshiped science and the ancient technology left behind, giving rise of magitek. Throughout the ages since these two kingdoms waged many a battle, and through this civil unrest superstition and suspicion grew in the hearts of man. A prophet then appeared from the mists of time, their vision dire. "The crimson calamity shall return" they said, and all who heard it were consumed with dread. This prophet gained much power and influence in the empire. Their power unrivaled, they built a massive superweapon that stretched into the sky. They called it "The Tower of Babel." Many people across the world began to fear the weapon, one such being a man known as Baron Ozma. He sought to raise an army to take over the entire world, to create a new order where the strong rule over the weak. However, there is a child who will bring justice to the land. A child bearing the firebrand, mark of Valfa's chosen. A child who will defeat the baron and prevent the coming calamity. And his name is...


Chronicles: Meteorfall is a full, complete, definitive version of the game Meteo Chronicles, first released in March of 2021. It will contain new and expanded story chapters, drastically changed gameplay systems, a completely re-done script, new character portraits, entirely new content, completely redone balance, redone mapping from the ground up, redone music including licensed and original tracks, and more. Basically, the original Meteo Chronicles was just a proof-of-concept. This is the real deal, the actual game fully realized and reimagined. The first build of the game is planned to release in Q3 2023, with the first major update planned to launch Q4 2023 and the second and final major update planned to launch in Q1 2024. Here are some features of the game:

-Over 25 hours of gameplay for the main story alone, with 10-15 additional hours added for the side content.
-20 different unique classes to learn and master.
-A deep and complex skill system where both active and passive skills must be equipped into one of 8 slots. The key to victory is finding out the most powerful combination of both active and passive skills to become truly strong.
-Ultra-powerful "talent arts" that are exclusive to each character and learned in special ways.
-A quest log and bestiary.
-Deep and engaging lore and worldbuilding.
-NG+ along with NG+ exclusive bonus content.
-A semi-open world to explore with tons of optional area and secrets.
-A late-game exclusive crafting system that's simple but engaging.
-Character-focused "EX Quests" used to greatly expand the story, world, and characters.
-5 secret "ultimate classes" exclusive to each character.
-Over 10 super-difficult superbosses to find and defeat, each with incredible rewards.
-Over 50 sidequests to take part in.
-Over 50 bosses to fight.
-Over 250 pieces of equipment to find and collect.
-NO sample maps.
-NO default database items.
-NO game breaking glitches or softlocks.
-NO 10,000 HP early game bosses.
-NO cringy pop culture references.
-NO impossible final dungeons.

Here are some of the characters you'll meet across your journey:



Koros Satori DEAD

Age: 19
Gender: Male (?)
Race: Human -> Dragonkin
Element: Fire/Light
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthday: March 30th
Ultimate Class: Saintblade
Ultimate Weapon: Chronoblade & Ars Solaris
Ultimate Talent Art: Kaiser Dragon
Description: Koros is a young man from the quaint village of Ari located deep within the Ari Flatlands region in the Ferngulf Republic. He seeks to join the Ferngulf Holy Knights, a group of elite peace keeping warriors who keep the monster population in check so that they don't become a threat to humanity once again. He is brave but also a bit reckless and has a prominent perverted side, though he doesn't let that get the best of him. He enjoys crossdressing in private, which causes him many insecurities when questioned on the subject.

Tayo Mooncrusher DEAD

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Light/Earth
Alignment: Lawful Good
Birthday: December 16th
Ultimate Class: Ravager
Ultimate Weapon: Dusk to Dawn
Ultimate Talent Art: Great Gospel/Abyss Gate
Description: Tayo is a human priest working for the Eternia Monks. He was born in the slums of Eternia as the son of a prostitute and an unknown father. After his mother died, Tayo had to resort to a life of crime just to survive. Starving on the streets after being beat up by a rival gang, nearly dead, Tayo was visited by the spirit of Baetylus, archon of wrath, emanation of the dark god Elzakalas, and embodiment of the crimson meteor. Baetylus offered him a deal: pledge to become Baetylus' servant and ensure the crimson meteor falls, and in exchange Baetylus would grant Tayo a powerful body that has no need to eat or drink and incredibly strong dark powers able to level a city in a single blast. Tayo accepted and then went on a rampage, killing all who bullied him in the past and razing villages left and right in order to take his anger out on the world. However, one day, he fell to the Ferngulf Holy Knights, just barely surviving and being nursed back to health by a kindly priestess. Tayo decided to turn over a new leaf by becoming a priest himself in order to redeem himself of his past sins during his adolescence. All while also trying to find a way to stop Baetylus without directly denying the geas (or divine pact) granted to him by the fell archon.

Zenith Von Zerithia

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Alfar (Cait Tribe)
Element: Water/Ice
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthday: June 23rd
Ultimate Class: Empress
Ultimate Weapon: Werebuster & Mother's Rosario
Ultimate Talent Art: Big Bang Apocolypse
Description: A young alfr duchess of the Cait Tribe who runs the monster-run city of Zerithia. She possesses the rare power to purify monsters of their primal instincts, though doing so takes a great toll on her. She is spunky and sassy, but hates being called a princess. Eventually gains a crush on Tayo after he saves her life multiple times.

Stacy Ninato

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Wingly
Element: Wind/Thunder
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthday: October 11th
Ultimate Class: Evoker
Ultimate Weapon: Stardust Destiny
Ultimate Talent Art: Obliterate
Description: A young wingly summoner from the floating city of Aetheria. Is kind, innocent, and a little bit ditzy, but always tries her best. Her teacher was Sensayu, the greatest summoner in recent memory, and both care for each other very much like a father and daughter.

Jeht Von Gungalive DEAD

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Thunder/Dark
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Birthday: February 13th
Ultimate Class: Hexblade
Ultimate Weapon: Multiblade MKII
Ultimate Talent Art: Soulburner Revolution
Description: A mechanic from Morda Vael and a former noble who was wrongfully imprisoned within his own house due to his father learning about the prophet Trello's true goals. Is very skilled at his job and keeps a cool head in almost every scenario. Also has a massive crush on Tayo.

Archsage Amadeus

Age: 1000+
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Thunder/Light
Alignment: Lawful Good
Birthday: April 15th
Ultimate Class: None
Ultimate Weapon: Grandmaster
Ultimate Limit Break: None
Description: The current Archsage of the Church of Nargi who has served for centuries. Is over 1000 years old, but looks no older than 40 due to his use of white necromancy to greatly extend his lifespan. Is wise and extremely talented in magick, and temporality joins the party to give Koros a boost while on their mission to stop a diabolical cult from fully resurrecting an archfiend.

Major Villains

Baron Ozma

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Earth/Dark
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Birthday: November 16th
Description: One of the members of the Ferngulf Senate who seeks world domination. Fears the recent power Morda Vael has gained and seeks to counter it by turning Ferngulf into a military powerhouse through his own conquest. To accomplish this, he seeks the legendary blade Ars Solaris which was split into 4 shards long ago to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Lord Trello

Age: ???
Gender: ???
Race: ???
Element: Dark
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Birthday: ???
Description: A mysterious prophet who appeared one day in Morda Vael out of the blue. He quickly rose to prominence due to his perfectly accurate predictions of the future, earing him a seat in the royal court of Morda Vael and eventually became second in command only to the emperor. He raised his own special ops team, the Black Blades, and began plans to build a massive armed tower stretching into the sky, the Tower of Babel. No one knows his true goals or motivations and he wears a bulky suit of armor everywhere, never showing his face or even any skin. It's almost like he isn't even human...

The Oracles of Ozma

Ages: ???
Genders: All female
Race: Alfr (Earth Tribe, Water Tribe, Wind Tribe, and Fire Tribe respectively)
Element: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire
Birthdays: ???
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Description: The Oracles of Ozma are a group of 4 scions summoned from a single animus and serve as Baron Ozma's personal generals for his private army. Each was tasked with searching out a specific shard of the Ars Solaris and subverting the government in that area in order for Baron Ozma to more easily take over. Garnet is the energetic one, Nadia is the vain one, Aria is the smart one, and Azari is the violent one. Apparently, these four scions used be known vigilantes 1000 years ago before the crimson meteor fell, but their personalities are completely different to how they were depicted in the legends. Maybe Ozma has something to do with it?

Supporting Characters


Age: Ageless
Gender: Male
Race: Seraphim
Element: Light/Dark
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Birthday: None
Description: The seraphim of time who has watched over the timestream throughout the past, present, future, and all possible timelines. His goal is to ensure that this timeline goes down it's desired path, a job he takes most seriously. He is the mysterious force that bonded with Koros, granting Koros the powers of a dragonkin which he could use to stop the crimson meteor and save the future.

Koros' Mother

Age: 48
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Element: Fire/Light
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthday: September 21st
Description: Koros' loving and kind mother who isn't afraid to get harsh when needed. Is proud to be married into such a prestigious bloodline.

Koros' Father

Age: 48
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Fire/Earth
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthday: February 2nd
Description: Koros' hardworking father who runs a successful blacksmithing business. Was born into a cult, but escaped when he was only 16 to pursue his passion of weapon and armor smithing. Is directly descended from the hero Ryu Satori but always brushes it off whenever it comes up.


Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Human?
Element: Fire/Light
Birthday: ???
Alignment: True Neutral
Description: A mysterious merchant that seems to pop up everywhere. No one knows where she comes from, but wherever she's seen she's always carrying a sly smile while selling her often useful goods. She also has a couple "variants" such as the beastkin "Ah'nah" and the vampress "Auna" but their origin, just like the original, is completely unknown. Many theories have been crafted in order to explain the oddities of her company "Anna and Company." Some say that Anna and her sisters are all clones, some say she coverts the willing across the worlds to become anna clones to serve at her company, and some even say that Anna in all her forms are actually an incarnation of the seraphim Tai-Shen. But no matter what the explanation is, you are sure to have excellent service whenever you hear her magickal phrase "Welcome Welcome" come out her smirking lips.


Age: Over 2000
Gender: Male
Race: Wingli?
Element: Wind
Birthday: ???
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: The king of the wingli who is known across the land for his light-hearted and cheerful dementor. He is also very wise and can instantly tell someone's darkest fears and insecurities, doing his best to help people deal with them the best he can. He also seems to possess a heavenly aura, so despite his claims of being the first wingi who came in contact with the celestic wing he seems to know and be more than he lets on...


Age: 196 (physically 49)
Gender: Male
Race: Dragonkin
Element: Fire/Dark
Birthday: July 23rd
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: The chieftain of the fire dragon clan living in the isolated city of Uran where only true heroes are allowed in. He is also a senator serving in the Ferngulf Senate, though he dislikes his job and prefers to be leading his own people instead of the entire nation.


Age: 144 (physically 36)
Gender: Female
Race: Dragonkin
Element: Fire/Light
Birthday: August 17th
Alignment: Neutral Good
Description: The younger sister of Logi who cares deeply for her older brother. Seeks to make dragons and humans more integrated and desires to work in the senate instead of Logi to help all the people of Ferngulf.


Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Wingli (?)
Element: Light
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Birthday: ???
Description: Stacy's master and the greatest summoner to ever live. Harsh and stern, but regardless deeply cares for his pupil who he viewed as family before his untimely death.


Age: 200+
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf (Iron Tribe)
Element: Earth/Fire
Alignment: True Neutral
Birthday: December 3rd
Description: A smith working in Eternia and the only dwarf currently living on the surface. He left his home on the dark continent to try human food, but upon getting acclimated to human sunlight he realized he could never go back to his home in eternal darkness. So he stayed on the continent of Nogarde, creating legendary weapons for those who were willing to pay a hefty price.

Gustav Von Gungalive

Age: 58
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Earth/Thunder
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthday: May 3rd
Description: A master mechanic famed across the world and a former noble of Morda Vael who was falsely imprisoned after discovering the true purpose of the Tower of Babel while working on the weapon himself as it's lead director. He greatly regrets building the device and sets his son Jeht out to fix his wrongs and defeat Trello. He is relatively approving of Jeht's attractions and doesn't seen to mind Jeht's particular tastes in the slightest.

Minor Villains


Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Human? Celestial?
Element: Dark
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Birthday: ???
Description: A mysterious thief who uses strange terminology and always seems to pop up at the worst of times to cause havoc. He believes life is just a game and he's the main character, and some suspect that he may be a celestial being due to his strange mannerisms and otherworldly way of speech. Or he's just insane. That too.

Lady Battlewinner

Age: 2 (physically and mentally 25)
Gender: Female
Race: Replica
Element: Dark
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Birthday: ???
Description: A "doll" created by Trello using dark magick to serve as the general of the Black Blades and his possible lover? She possesses incredibly strong dark powers and beauty beyond any human, but also possesses a cold, uncaring, and sadistic personality. Is not being beyond brutally torturing her victims to gain vital information, all with a soulless doll-like smile on her face.

Krom Satori

Age: 55
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Fire/Dark
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Birthday: July 26th
Description: Koros' hateful uncle who believed Koros to be possessed by demons due to an incident 6 months ago. Is bitter and depressed, but always takes out his frustration on the people around him greatly upsetting his brother, Koros' father.


Age: 35+
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Element: Dark/Fire
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Description: A former human who used to be named Aaron before he became a demon. Aaron coveted the power of demons and thus sacrificed his humanity and his soul to gain their tremendous dark power. His father, Amadeus, confronted him, but Aaron fled into the night never to be seen again. While away, Aaron gained even more power, forming a diabolical cult that worshiped the archfiends and gaining a multitude of followers.

Shou Kadokawa

Age: 39
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Ice/Dark
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Birthday: December 1st
Description: A notorious crime boss who serves as the current senator of the Eternia region. As expected of a crime boss he is slimy, ruthless, and manipulative. Some people tell that his mansion is filled with countless bombshell babes with soulless, glossy eyes and bright pink hair that he does terrible things with, but none can say for certain.

Miss K

Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Human?
Element: Dark
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Birthday: ???
Description: A mysterious hair stylist who works at the K-Vice salon. She is known for her creepy, glossy eyes and suspicious mannerisms. Along with that, many people who have entered K-Vice, mainly Senator Shou's political enemies, have never returned. Something has to be up with that place...

This game is made with the RPG Maker MV engine and is expected to fully release sometime soon. The game is done when it's done, though updates will be posted about every month. Unlike previous releases there will be not beta versions, just one complete final version once the game is finally out.

I hope you enjoy playing Chronicles Meteorfall, the first real game in the Chronicles Series!


-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Visustella Team

Graphics - General
-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong
-GotchaGotcha Games

Graphics - Archfiend Asmodeus (Mist Form)
-Kango Sumi
-Hisaharu Takahashi
-Mamoru Iwahori
-Keisuke Yokota
-Ayumi Hanashima
-Yuka Sato
-Kimitaka Abe
-Shoko Yamaguchi

Graphics - GameOver2 Image

Graphics - Bonus Animations
-Andy Chen

Graphics - GameOver3 Image

Graphics - GameOver4 Image
-Yuzuko Banbara
-Mayu Tsukano
-Tomokatsu Tsukamoto
-Yukei Uno
-Mitsuru Minami
-Hisao Fuke
-Chizuko Kusakabe
-Sara Atsuchi
-Ai Yonekura

Music - General
-GotchaGotcha Games
-George "McTricky"
-Shoji Meguro
-Go Inchoise
-Kohei Tanaka
-Keisuke Ito
-Yasuhiro Kawagoe
-Noriko Murakami
-Masanori Masuda


Latest Blog

Where I've Been 2 (July 2023 Update)

Hello everyone, it's been a while, hasn't it? The last time I posted on this blog was 6 months ago in January to announce the end of my hiatus. That hiatus did not continue, and I have still be working on making games since then, just not this game. Instead, I have been working on a shorter project called "Noel and the Tower of Doom" which began in April and has been in development ever since. The game is currently 80% complete with the only things not done yet being the battles, most of the cutscenes, and the last 2 main floors. If I don't get lazy I'll probably get the game done by the end of July, so that's fun. I definitely want to get at least one game out this year for Masao potential after all. Anyways, as for Chronicles Meteorfall, since April when NToD started development I have barely worked on Chronicles Meteorfall at all, but progress will resume as soon as I finish NToD, don't you worry. Getting the game out by the end of 2023 seems like an impossibility, but getting the full game released in 2024 is very much achievable and would be a worthy celebration of a decade of KrimsonKatt! 10 years... time sure does fly by. However, that's not to say no progress has been made. Two new custom battlers, Lord Trello and Mitalis, have been made by Aekashics and now I have full, complete, final character each for each of the 5 main party members. It's about time! Anyways other than that development is going smoothly. I'll be at my dads next week so I hope to work a lot on RPG Maker while there and hopefully get NToD done during that week, as the week after I have a class learning unity (will probably release a game there but who knows?) so I will have no time to work on non-unity projects that week, making me have very little time left for July. Once NToD is done I can go right back to Chronicles Meteorfall to finish the game at long last. Hope this clarified a few things on where I've been and what I have been doing for the last few months. Bye for now!
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Hello, the game is failing to load something, preventing me from leaving the house.
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
That's a glitch involving me forgetting to replace one of the old facesets with the new ones. Normally, a text pop up would appear telling you that you need to collect your stuff before you can leave, but since I removed the original facesets from the game's files it tries to load a faceset that isn't there and the game crashes. To fix this, reload your save and open both the chest and collect the item on the counter. That will allow you to progress and avoid the glitched textbox. I'll fix this right away.
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