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Progress Report

Where I've Been 2 (July 2023 Update)

Hello everyone, it's been a while, hasn't it? The last time I posted on this blog was 6 months ago in January to announce the end of my hiatus. That hiatus did not continue, and I have still be working on making games since then, just not this game. Instead, I have been working on a shorter project called "Noel and the Tower of Doom" which began in April and has been in development ever since. The game is currently 80% complete with the only things not done yet being the battles, most of the cutscenes, and the last 2 main floors. If I don't get lazy I'll probably get the game done by the end of July, so that's fun. I definitely want to get at least one game out this year for Masao potential after all. Anyways, as for Chronicles Meteorfall, since April when NToD started development I have barely worked on Chronicles Meteorfall at all, but progress will resume as soon as I finish NToD, don't you worry. Getting the game out by the end of 2023 seems like an impossibility, but getting the full game released in 2024 is very much achievable and would be a worthy celebration of a decade of KrimsonKatt! 10 years... time sure does fly by. However, that's not to say no progress has been made. Two new custom battlers, Lord Trello and Mitalis, have been made by Aekashics and now I have full, complete, final character each for each of the 5 main party members. It's about time! Anyways other than that development is going smoothly. I'll be at my dads next week so I hope to work a lot on RPG Maker while there and hopefully get NToD done during that week, as the week after I have a class learning unity (will probably release a game there but who knows?) so I will have no time to work on non-unity projects that week, making me have very little time left for July. Once NToD is done I can go right back to Chronicles Meteorfall to finish the game at long last. Hope this clarified a few things on where I've been and what I have been doing for the last few months. Bye for now!

Progress Report

January 2023 Status Update: Break over. Now back to work!

Hello everyone. As you may know, I took off the entirety of January 2023 to rest from game dev and take a little bit of a break due to burnout. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm burnt out no more and ready to work on my game once again! I thought my burnout would last until summer, but I continue to surprise myself with my fast recovery. Anyways, as you may have noticed I have updated the game page significantly. This is because the old one contained numerous errors and inaccuracies, promising features that were cut and outdated content no longer in the planned build. I didn't really do much game-dev wise in January, but I did make progress in other ways, mainly in my game page! Here are some of the changes I've made:
-Reworked the "features" area to remove features that are no longer planned for the game and add in features that are in the current build of the game that's planned.
-Removed multiple character profiles for side-characters
-Updated character portraits with their current versions
-Added full body art for Koros and Zenith.
-Fixed various spelling and grammar errors.
-Changed the title of the game to remove the ":" symbol.
-Updated the easy link from "meteochroniclesr" to "chroniclesmeteorfall"

Some other updates I'm working on for the game page include full body art for Tayo, Stacy, and Jeht, adding the rest of the new portraits in, and removing a lot more of the unnecessary character profiles. (mainly for side characters not plot important or featured prominently in the EX Quests) Right now I'm mainly focusing in on the skills, which will probably take a while as there's around 400-500 of them to make. After that it's plugin configuration and then I can move on to the actual game, making enemies as I move along. Time time through development I will focus solely on the main story and work on all the side content only after the main story is complete. Last time during R's development I kept getting distracted working on sidequests instead of developing the main story, which won't happen again. Main story will come first and all side content later, I can promise you that. 1.0 will probably be released around August/September (hopefully) and will include solely the main story of the game, no side content. 1.1 will likely release in late 2023/early 2024 and add in most if not all of the EX quests and talent arts (which include summons and their fights), and 1.2 will add in the rest of the side quests + a lot of the superbosses all in two big batches, one for 1.1 and another for 1.2. Further updates are not planned as I'm scrapping most of the planned "Golden Route" (some elements will remain in a NG+ exclusive quest) and the "Alternate Route" will be repurposed into a NG+ bonus route for "Boundless Domain" which is another planned game I'll soon work on that's connected to Chronicles Meteorfall.

So yeah, I'm back on track now and development is going good. Hopefully I'll be able to focus a lot more on gamemak than I was before, though I still have a massive backlog of games I REALLY want to play. Fire Emblem Engage, Sonic Frontiers, Pokemon Violet, Persona 5 Royal, literally ALL of the 3DS megaten games. (SMT4, 4A, SJR, SH1, Des1, Des2, PQ, PQ2, etc) Radiant Historia, Xenoblade X, etc. Plus Bravely Default 2 is coming out in only a few weeks (already preordered) and BotW2 is releasing in only 3 months... That plus school + work + art means I have a lot on my hands, but I think I can manage.

Anyways, that's it for this progress report. I'll get to you back at the beginning of next month. Until then, see you!

Progress Report

December 2022 Status Update: Burnout

Hello everyone. It's been a while, hasn't it? It's already January 10th and I haven't even made the December Update lol. Anyways I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that I got a tremendous amount of good work done during the month of December. I pretty much fully finished the states, finished making all the weapons, armor, and items, made the beginning introduction of the game, (opening text and first room) mapped 2 whole massive areas, (Ari and Banna regions including all maps from R for those areas combined into one, towns included) and made the incredibly complex title screen sequence. Overall, a very productive month.

However, as the new year starts, I feel incredibly burnt out. I have been developing this game for over 3 years now non-stop, and I just need a break from it all. So, I'm going to be taking a break from developing Chronicles Meteorfall until summer this year where I will be off school. Until then I will be focusing on my home life, my work, and my school over anything gamemak related. I will also be focusing much more heavily on my artistic passions during this time such as my pixel art and writing as it is where my real passion lies, even if my end goal is to create a game series.

You can see what I'm up to creating on my DeviantArt @KrimsonKattTG, but keep in mind that it's mostly full of fetishy genderbend stuff so if you're not into that best to stay away, though I post a lot of other stuff other than just genderbend on there as well including L O R E. I am also writing a Fire Emblem fanfiction called "Umbral Fate." It will be my first published and (hopefully) finished fic so look forward to that very soon.

During the months between now and summer (July) if I do decide to work on something RM related I plan to work on a new game idea I thought of called "Re;Incarnation." Remember that one event game I did for that mapping event? Elzakalas: Beyond the End? Well, that game as you might of guessed was a demo/proof of concept for a future game I would make, that game being Re;Incarnation, a survival RPG where you play as the god of destruction Re;Incarnated as a mere ant. There will be 7 endings based of your choices and it will be very cool much swag. Look forward for it. Anyways, that's it for me for today. You'll probably see me next either in a month once I have a gamepage for Re;Incarnation going or in July when I resume development on Chronicles Meteorfall. Adios.

Progress Report

November 2022 Progress Update: Pain

I got almost nothing done this month. Another month goes by without any decent progress being made... Basely all I got done was the states, the templates, and a few sprites. That's it. Just that in a whole month. I just have absolutely no motivation to finish this project and actively have to force myself to work on my game, and even if I do I only work for around 30 minutes before stopping. No motivation, no soul, nothing. So yeah here is what I got done:

Full document plan of all equipment

Full document plan of all arts (spoilers)

Full document plan of all enemies and bosses and their lore (WIP)

Weapon Sprites



Ars Solaris

Solaris TRI



Excalibur II


Blazing Legacy




This game will be in development hell until 2030, won't it? Man... my life sucks...

Progress Report

October 2022 Progress Update

Hello everyone. As you may know, a lot happened this month that heavily set back development. For one, my computer broke down, causing me to become unable to work on RPG Maker over a week. Before that, I left my charger at my Dad's house causing me another week without my computer. I lost literally all of my progress on Chronicles: Meteorfall, forcing me to restart all development. This absolutely sucks, but at least now I'll be able to make this game from the ground up and improve basicly every aspect of it including the writing, music, graphics, gameplay, and more. As for what I've done this month after the rest:
-Completed the entire iconset which is significantly higher quality than the one used previously.
-Updated both the Yanfly and Fallen Angel Olivia plugin libraries to their newest version as well as acquiring multiple new FAO plugins that will give my game significantly higher graphical fidelity.
-Created the bases for every database item minus the enemies.
-Created the graphics for all playable characters and their classes. Graphics for all the NPCs still need to be made.
-Gathered the sprites for the redone bestiary.

There are also various changes I'm making to this new redone version of the game, including:
-The classes have been restructured, divided into 7 tiers.

-Freelancer: Same as always. Obtained from the start.
-Vanguard: Same as always. It is obtained by talking to an NPC outside of Ari. If
you don't talk to this NPC before completing Chapter 1 you obtain this class
from Koros at the end of Chapter 1.
-Warrior: The same as always.
-Rogue: the exact same class as thief, just with a name change.
-Wizard: more similar to 1.0 and not 2.0. 2.0 had the wizard class divided into three classes: Pyromancer, Cryomancer, and Geomancer, while now they're all recombined again into Wizard.
-Cleric: Is very similar to the priest class of 1.0, but is more of a combined version of the priest and apiritmaster classes from 2.0.
-Ranger: Same as in 2.0. Obtained from the earth shard.
-Dancer: A completely original class whols main appeal is to grant auras that grant resistance to certain elements and amplify their power. Obtained from the earth shard.
-Brawler: Same as 2.0. Obtained from the water shard.
-Paladin: Same as 2.0. Obtained from the water shard.
-Dragoon: An original class that can jump in the air to deal massive piercing damage to use powerful elemental breath weapons. Obtained from the wind shard.
-Swordmaster: An original class that collected "charges" by performing certain actions, unleashing them with incredibly powerful "Bushido Arts." Obtained from the wind shard.
-Dark Knight: Same as 2.0. Obtained from the fire shard.
-Warlock: Same as 2.0. Obtained from the fire shard.
-Saintblade: Same as 2.0. Koros' ultimate class. Obtained by completing the EX Quest "The True Self."
-Ravager: Same as 2.0. Tayo's ultimate class that is obtained in the main story for completing Chapter 8.
-Empress: Can now learn enemy arts more easily and has less arts focusing on said enemy arts, instead focusing on dealing critical hits. Zenith's ultimate class which is obtained as the final reward from the EX Quest "When Mother Was There."
-Enchantress: Now instead of focusing on summons instead focuses on ultimate magick. Stacy's ultimate class that is obtained from defeating Shadow Stacy during the EX Quest "Surpassing Master."
-Hexblade: Same as 2,0. Jeht's ultimate class that is obtained for completing the EX Quest "Rivals."

-Each area and town exists in 3 large maps instead of disconnected maps. There are now only three regions in the game, the Nostra Region, Eternia Region, and Bernag Region. Ari, Ari Flatlands, Banna Woodlands, Banna, Beasteria Highlands, Beasteria Village, Uran Sandlands, and Uran all coexisting in the Nostra Region. Zerithia Wetlands, Zerithia, Aetheria Skylands, Eternia Frostlands, and Eternia all coexist in the Eternia Region. And finally, Ozma Darklands, Baetas Boglands, Baetas, Alphes Drylands, Gortoro Ruins, The Great Bridge, Omegas Firelands, and Omegas all coexist in the Bernag Region. All dungeons and some towns (namely Aetheria and Downtown Eternia) appear in separate maps. This was done to create a seamless feeling across the world and was mainly inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles 3 having a handful of gigantic maps with many towns, biomes, and landmarks all coexisting within one map.
-A new optional dungeon has been added, Bronn Cave. It can be found in Besteria Highlands and has a deadly secret for anyone daring to enter it unprepared...
-Each class can now learn 16 arts instead of the original 12. Each class still only has 4 skills to learn.
-Armor is now only one piece instead of having a head, body, and shield piece.
-There are now only 12 weapons per type, not counting secret, ultimate, and exclusive weapons.
-There are now only 2 enemies per biome/dungeon to cut out dev time.
-Each normal enemy only has a max of one exclusive blue magick art. Bosses are an exception.
-The Alternate and Golden routes as well as the outrealms have been cut. They might return as DLC in the future, however. The archfiends are still in and are an optional challenge that once completed grants one of the strongest armors in the game.
-Jormungondr can now be found in Zerithia Lake instead of on Isle Serpentario.
-The Goddess Cabin has been moved to Omegas Firelands instead of monster isle in the outrealms.
-Wukong is now found in Omegas Firelands instead of at the bottom of the tower of Babel.
-Buried Alive can now be skipped and now grants no reward besides his bestiary entry.
-The Skull Cavern and Frozen Crypt bonus dungeons have been greatly overhaled.
-The final dungeon, the Tower of Babel, has also been greatly overhaled.
-Limit Breaks and Divine Arts have now been removed. Instead, Talent Arts have returned from 1.0 though they are now obtained by using certain character exclusive items or completing quests or story sequences instead of through level and learning them in the skill menu.
-The movesets of multiple classes have been altered due to the increased amount of arts available.
-The Evoker class from 2.0 has been completely reconstructed as the Enchantress class.
-3 new classes have been added, Dancer, Dragoon, and Swordmaster.
-Katana have been added as a new weapon type.

So yeah, that's basiclly it for this update. Hope you enjoyed!

Progress Report

Restarting Developement

So, an update since I last posted. I lost all my data, garneted. The last 6 months of work, which was the majority of the progress I've made on this game in ages, completely lost. So, I decided to start fresh. New computer, new everything. Safe to say it will take quite a bit longer to release my game, probably not until 2024 at the earliest since I actually have a job now + school it takes away a lot of the time I would otherwise have to make my game.

However, with this new start brings some new opportunities. Previously, the files for MC were extremely messy and disorganized with a ton of unused dummy data. But now, all that can be fixed. As well as that, moving forward I will change this game to feature a front view battle system rather than a side view one. This is so I can better express my creativity with entirely 100% custom animated enemy sprites for battles.

Along with that, I will be changing the battle system from a Octopath-inspired one to an octopath/persona fusion battle system featuring the "one more system" involving exploiting elements to stun the enemy and get more turns. Upon all enemies being stunned instead of just a generic all out attack you can select a special "talent art" which is unique to each character. But every character has more than one talent art, which are managed through items you collect throughout your journey which can be equipped to change the current talent art. There will still be BP but no shield breaking system.

Instead of each weapon having different elements there are only 5 physical elements being physical, (punching, biting, etc) slash, (slashing with claws or a bladed weapon) smash, (using a blunt weapon like a club or axe) strike, (piercing attacks such as spears) and shot. (projectile attacks such as attacks from bows and guns) Also, in the original Meteo Chronicles there were many, many elements by it's final update even outside of the physical ones, being:

early versions of this game added even more, including:

This time, there are far less elements to simplify the various systems. For one, all poison attacks are now earth elemental and all drain attacks are now dark elemental. Along with that, the petrify status is now much rarer, with basic earth elemental attacks inflicting poison instead. Earth and Wind are now incredibly rare elements, even more rare than light and dark, but they still exist. The ice element has been completely removed and has been replaced with just water which encompasses both ice and water. There is also no longer any sort of rock-paper-seizors mechanic when it comes to the elements. Each enemy has exclusive strengths and weaknesses, not single strategy will work on every enemy.

There are now only 2 enemies per zone, sometimes three. This is to ease up on dev time and make it so I don't have to make so many new sprites. There are now just as many bosses than regular monsters! Crazy! I will be mainly focusing on the story based and basic monsters for now before moving onto the optional ones at a later date once the main story is over and done with.

There are now only 12 weapons per weapon type, not counting exclusive and secret weapons. Before, there were hundreds of weapons and armors (over 500 each!) but now it's a lot more manageable with one new weapon of every type sold per town leading up to tier 9, with tiers 10, 11, and 12 being much more rare only obtained from chests and drops and the like.

Finally, there will no longer be multiple separate maps for each area. Instead, there are three separate "regions" that make up multiple diverse areas. The Nostra, Eternia, and Bernag regions. Dungeons are not counted in these regions and serve as additional maps. The Nostra region is made up of Ari Flatlands, Banna Woodlands, Beasteria Highlands, and Uran Sunlands. The Eternia Region is made out of Zerithia Wetlands, Aetheria Skylands, and Eternia Frostlands. And finally the Bernag region is made out of Ozma Darklands, Baetas Boglands, Alphes Drylands, and Omegas Firelands. Towns are also contained within the regions so expect each to reach or get near the MV map size limit! Also 15-30 second load times between each area lol.

That's basicly it for updates lol. I keep you posted at the end of October to show you everything I did this month. See you later!

Progress Report

The Worst Possible Thing Happened...

As you may know, my computer completely broke down on Wednesday last week. Luckily, I have all my files backup up in a separate drive, I THINK. There is a good chance (about 60%) that I either lost ALL MY PROGRESS on Chronicles Meteorfall OR I lost all progress since July of this year. Either way, this would basicly force me to begin development of Chronicles Meteorfall back from square one being forced to re-do quite literally everything. That's easily 2 more years of dev time for the main story alone plus an extra year for the sidequests. Not only that, but if my files really are un-recoverable I will be forced to pay an additional $40 USD to buy 1 month of Yanfly's patreon for $5 to get his MV plugin library +$35 USD to get OctoPack Battle even though I already paid for both. This is a disaster like no other and if I can't get the files back I'm absolutely screwed. Please, pray for me.

Progress Report

September Update: Cutting Down

Hello everyone. I'm back again with another progress update. For a while, development wasn't doing so hot. I was completely overwhelmed by a massive scope of this project and was heavily considering quitting the whole thing. However, after getting some encouragement from my friends on Discord like Dr.Evil, I decided to continue development but HEAVILY cut down on features. I know this is disappointing that a lot of stuff has to be cut, but it's for the best as it will get this game out significantly sooner and not cause me to go completely insane with the amount of work that has to be done. Here is a simple list of everything that's going to be cut:
-The two bonus post-game routes, Chapter 13: Death and Rebirth and Chapter 14: Perfect Works are both completely cut. This includes all associated weapons, armor, items, skills, and bosses. The archfiends will NOT be cut, though due to the removal of the alternate route the rewards gained from them will be significantly less than before.
-The entire "outrealm isles" optional area has been completely cut. This includes the various optional areas including "Miner's Paradise," "Monster Isle," "Tower of the Lost," "Xong Kong," "Valore Isle," "Isle Serpentario," and the "Eternal Tower." The scion Jormungondr has been moved to a new area, Zerithia Lake, which is located below South Zerithia Wetlands on the map. The Goddess Cabin on Monster Isle along with it's associated boss has also been relocated to Omegas Firelands as well. Everything else including all those area's bosses, weapons, armor, items, enemies, and skills have been removed.
-There is now a hard limit of 50 normal enemies in the game, 5 for each enemy type.
-Each enemy also has only one blue magick skill instead of multiple. Bosses will still have a variety of attacks including multiple blue magicks.
-The weapon count has been significantly lowered to only 12 weapons per type, not counting secret and ultimate weapons. With 6 weapon types, that makes it so that there are only 72 normal weapons in the game, 1 of each type for each of the 9 towns and 3 additional ones to be found via chests, drops, and sidequests.
-The armor count has also been significantly lowered to only 30 pieces of armor, 10 for each group being light, heavy, and magick armors. Along with that, armors are no longer divided into specific types so any class that equip any type of armor. That being said, each armor type has obvious advantages and disadvantages so you don't always go picking the highest number each time. Light armor is balanced but somewhat weak, heavy armor has high DEF but non-existent RES and lowers SPD, while magick armor has very low DEF but very high RES with no speed drawbacks.
-Shields and head gear are no longer a thing. There is just your weapon slots, 1 slot for armor, and 2 ring slots. Due to this, stats on armor are also significantly higher to compensate.
-There are no more divine arts and limit breaks. Instead, talent Arts from the original release have returned, abet in a revamped and streamlined form.
-Achievements are removed. However, there still is a compendium.

Yeah, that's basically it. A lot of cutting down, a lot of removing tons of fluff that only serves to bloat the game. Don't worry, other new features of this version will still be a thing such as the Den of Evil, the extra and expanded story chapters, and the new and expanded sidequests. Now that I've beaten Xenoblade 3 and handed the game off to my brother, hopefully I can get back to grinding my game (Dspite having a job now. Woop!) and hopefully get it done before the world freaking ends. Fun times!

Progress Report

Where I've Been + July/August Update

Hello everyone. You might be wondering, "where they heck were you? You were gone all month?" Well, July was a very busy month for me. I had my English class, meetings with my job coach, meetings with my "buddy" who takes me out of the house to do things multiple times a week, me playing Xenoblade 3, LiveAlive, and FE Three Hopes, me playing Minecraft Skyblock every day, and then school which starts up in a week. I just don't have any time for game making and it's really frustrating, especially since I see people on discord develop their game for 10 hours straight and make tons of progress. I worked a bit on my game in July but only worked on the skill rework for this game and little else. I've just been super busy and I feel super overwhelmed. There are just too many things to do and It's impossible to do all of them at once. I can't even do one at a time because my attention span is crap and have to take multi hour breaks of YouTube every hour of gaming/game development because I get worn out so easily. It sucks. I just have so much on my plate and it's nearly impossible to manage. And when I bring it up to my mom she starts complaining that "I have it too easy" and that "I don't work nearly as hard as she does so I shouldn't be talking."

But enough of the diatribe, what is the progress report of this game since July ended? Here's currently what I'm on:
-Chapter 5 (the one with Zenith) is almost done. Just need to put the finishing touches on the dungeon (crystal caves) and the ending cutscene.
-Have made very little progress on the sidequests unlocked in Chapter 5. The objectives are listed in the quest log but I haven't implemented most of them yet.
-Have fully re-created the goblin NPC in Zerithia.
-Currently working on finishing up the wishing well sidequest in Zerithia.
-Currently working on a skill rework, where each class would have a "divine art" that requires 3 BP to be used. They are named after 20 of the 24 "Darkseraph," artificial seraphim created by the archon and fallen seraph Adonis who fought in the first war. Each one is extremely powerful so use them wisely. The second part of the skill rework is implementing a deeper skill slot system. Previously, the active arts learned by your main class and subclass were innate and did not have to be equipped while passive arts had to be equipped, each character having 6 slots with each passive art using up 1, 2, or rarely 3 slots. This worked similarly to the Bravely Default series. However, after the rework, the system works much more similarly to the Digital Devil Saga series where each character has 8 art slots that can either be filled with an active or passive art with each art using up one slot. Active arts can only be equipped if the character's main or sub class matches, but any passive art can be equipped by any class.
-I have not made any progress on my game since mid July 2022, as I became extremely busy once all these tutors started popping up and my time was consumed with all the switch games currently destroying me free time. I even had to quit Fire Emblem Heroes, my one and only mobile gacha that I have been playing every day since launch, to keep up. So yeah, that's my life. If only these tutors could just ease up and give me time, because I certainly need it going forward if I ever want to finish Chronicles: Meteorfall.

Progress Report

Changed Plans

Hello everyone. As you may notice, the name of this game has been changed from Meteo Chronicles R to Chronicles: Meteorfall. You also may have noticed that I have removed all downloads for this game. This is because I am doing a major rebrand. The "Chronicles Series" as you know it has been restructured. As before, Chronicles: Meteorfall/Meteo Chronicles R will be the first game in a trilogy, the second and third parts being remakes of Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension respectively. (Chronicles II: Zero Gear Saga and Chronicles III: Ascension) After that there will be the "Chronicles Origins" trilogy telling of the origins of the world and then Chronicles IV, my magnum opis and the first commercial game in the series. Then there will be the "Chronicles of Heroes" sub series which will contain two episodic games, the first having 7 episodes and the second having 4. Then there will be the "Chronicles Stellar" trilogy which will be a lot more sci-fi themed than the other games. Then the mainline Chronicles Series will continue all the way through Chronicles VIII before ending with The End of Chronicles.

Along with that, I will be going by a new release structure. No longer will I be releasing new beta versions every month. Instead, I will make the entire game before posting any downloads. Then, I will playtest the entire game from beginning to end fixing any bugs found along the way. Finally, I will release the game. All future games will be fully playtested and complete before even the first download is posted, I assure you that. That way I won't be releasing buggy, unfinished games and won't get burnt out playtesting the same game over and over again.

Due to this, you can expect to see Chronicles: Meteorfall release much later than expected, especially since so many big games are releasing this summer (2022) that I have to complete ASAP to get to the next one. Aka Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, LiveAlive Remake, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Chronicles: Meteorfall will likely not release until mid to late 2023, with Chronicles II releasing in 2024 and Chronicles III releasing in 2025, as Chronicles II and III are much smaller games than Chronicles I. I will also not be participating in any events requiring the development of a new game, as these silly "event games" greatly distract from the development of Chronicles: Meteorfall due to my lethargic development pace. To hold you over, you can always play Lost Chronicles, the only game I've made so far that I'm really proud of. Thank you for following me all these years through all my ups and many downs, and I hope to finally give you a project that I can actually be proud of. Thank you.
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