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Years ago, an intergalactic being known as Zordon unleashed what is known as a Morph Bomb upon his death. Destroying evil across the universe.

Ten years later, massive gates appeared all across the universe. Vomiting monsters and causing massive destruction.

Humanity learns to tap into the Morphin Grid, creating his own team of Power Rangers for the military. The Space Navy sends the Power Rangers to the Desert of Despair located in Rutabaga 6. Your job as a low class soldier is to pick up after them.

Thank you for playing!

Some of the Monster/ Power Rangers sprite work were made by the talented grant858 and
@JaredDufour .

Power Rangers: Masters of the Grid is an RPG game that features:

· An original story that reacts to canon events.

· An original cast.

· Space exploration.

. Power Ranger fights and at will transformations.

· Zord and Megazord Battles.

Gameplay Legend

Z= Action/Enter

X= Back/Exit

Movement = Mouse+Left Click or Arrows.


Guard Recovers HP

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  • 02/26/2022 04:59 PM
  • 04/12/2022 02:57 AM
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The game and story was going pretty good i was invested in the lore. But it wasn't cool when I had to turn into megazord and I didn't even have a chance to because my party was beat up from the last fight. I should've gotten healed up.
whta is the name of the music that sounds in the first half of the battle against Master Vile?
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