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When you hear the word "Destiny" or even "Legacy," what do you immediately begin to ponder? Some would say those things can come from a strong family hierarchy. Others may discover it unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances, or maybe even the old as time underdog story. Regardless of how one may achieve such standings, it will almost always include a life of great success and turmoil. There's no more grandiose example of that then the tale
about the four Crystal Crusaders. What's that you ask? It's a name that over time, was given to four very special individuals. Those people at one point saved the world.

Alex the Crusader of Water, Lilia the Crusader of Fire, Fiona the Crusader of Lightning and Lynfa the Crusader of Earth. These four people, for reason unique to each of them. Were selected to do their part to save the world. As powerful as those four are, they had many friends and companions to help them along the way. Despite that, they didn't have a good go of it. They almost failed... some would say, they did fail. It depends on how you view everything. So, you can start this adventure. Maybe then you can understand how they came to be, what happened to them and what the future holds for the earth.

Latest Blog

A much need and long overdue progress update!

You can look at the progress page for more specific information, but here's something to read.

The main story is done (no public download, sorry.) So it CAN be played all the way through, but there's a lot of side stuff that still needs done/added. Example being various skills/magic, many side quests, character equipment and so on.

I have two people testing it as we speak. With that in mind and depending on my drive to 100% finish everything, I'm hoping two or three months will be a good time frame.

Thanks for everyone who stuck with me and this project for the last almost two years, especially you Marrend. This will be my first solo project that will be finished in over a decade, it's a proud moment for me!
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  • 03/03/2022 08:59 PM
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