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Must read info about the newest download.

About this release -READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING-

First and foremost, sorry for the long delay with downloads. Life events happened and I needed to take some time away from this, however I'm back and at it.

This version isn't labeled as a demo. At this point there's far to much content to be a demo. On that note, this version has far more content than the previous release. That said, this one has less progress to be played, around the first 15-ish hours.

The reason for that is because bug testers revealed to me that I had a lot to work on. I've been going through and fixing/adding content, balancing enemies, balancing skills, editing the script and biggest thing. My propensity for grammatical errors.

Apparently I'm really bad with that, so I've been going through and correcting as many as I can and let me tell you, it's been a TON!

All that said, I've put so much work into this and I'm glad to have folks download and play it. It doesn't matter if you love it or hate it. Tell me how you feel, I welcome all feedback as it's the core of any game.