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Super Mario World X is an SMBX Mario game by me that I made with the intention of feeling like a semi-successor to Mario 3/Mario World (hence the name). It features a very kind and forgiving difficulty curve similar to the two aforementioned games, as I want Super Mario World X to be highly accessible and beatable by the average gamer, though the difficulty does ramp up and may becoming challenging for Mario newcomers in later levels. Levels were also designed with the intention of feeling somewhat authentic and true to SMB/SMW level design with only a few liberties taken by me here and there.

Super Mario World X features nine worlds, all with no less than five levels, and overall boasts a higher level count than Super Mario World. The game is HEAVILY reskinned, with many graphical aspects by Eternity, h2643, Shikaternia, and Valtteri. In addition, there are many custom graphics and sprite edits by yours truly!

Enjoy 70+ levels across...

World 1: Mushroom Valley, Mushroom Kingdom
World 2: Blooper Bay, Mushroom Kingdom
World 3: Birabuto Desert, Sarasaland
World 4: Walnut Woods, Sarasaland
World 5: Sherbet Heights, Sweet Sweet Kingdom
World 6: Candy Island, Sweet Sweet Kingdom
World 7: Cloud Mountain, Sprixie Kingdom
World 8: Conkdor Badlands, Sprixie Kingdom
World 9: Koopa Kingdom
World 10: Remix World (Bonus/Secret World)

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  • 03/06/2022 10:50 PM
  • 06/26/2023 11:13 AM
  • 04/17/2022
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Got a sub from me, definitely gonna have to try this one when its done.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Got a sub from me, definitely gonna have to try this one when its done.

Awesome! Still aiming to finish sometime in April. This project has gotten a bit bigger in scale (it will have more levels than the actual Super Mario World), but I'm also making good progress!
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