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The story takes place after the events of OFF. You, The Puppeteer and your old puppet, The Batter are sent back once again to the old world that didn’t completely die after the Batter’s ending. It is still Alive. When you two are sent to what used to be Zone 0, you notice that strange things are happening within the zone, and maybe these things are also happening to the others. What will YOU do in this “new” world? Will the Batter eradicate it once again? It's up to you to find out.

This demo ends at the start of Zone 2 (+ a small extra room).

ALIVE is an OFF Fangame being developed by TheFollowerDemon and Antrax.

Check out the Developer's Twitter page!

Check out the Developer's Tumblr page!

Check out the Itch.io page!

Antrax's Discord: Antrax#5244

If you have any questions or you want to report any errors, bugs, or glitches you found while playing this game, feel free to ask on TheFollowerDemon's Twitter or Tumblr account. You can also message Antrax on Discord.

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