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Expected release date: Q4 2023
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In this world the heroes have been forged from the fabric of reality in order to keep darkness at bay. Many legends have been born and the darkness has always been kept under control but all of that will change when the darkness begins to grow out of control and begins to forge 5 powerful villains from among history's most despised.
Join Cleanse and his 3 other hero companions in an epic adventure full of sweet juicy watermelo- ehh.. Story. An epic adventure full of sweet juicy story. You'll not want to miss this next installment in the legendary series of Epic Wings!

Epic Wings 3 follows the main character Cleanse and his companions which comprise of legendary folklore ranging from Olympians, world heroes and doctors too Martial artists who changed the world one way and another.

For the first time in the 20 years that The Nerd Mansion has been around we bring you a game with 3D landscapes and cities.

Experience 20+ hours of puzzles, cutscenes, mini games and difficult yet super fun bosses to fight and customize each of your characters to fit your battle style!

Playable Characters———————————————-
Cleanse - Guardian type
Fe - Berserker (original character)
Bella - Berserker (original character)
Ip Man - Legendary martial artist
Ng Mui - Legendary general/martial artist
Achilles - Legendary Hero son of Thetis
Geirskogul - Legendary Valkyrie protectors of Odín
Robin - Legendary archer who robbed the rich and gave to the poor
Artemis - Olympian folklore goddess daughter of Zeus
Merlín - Legendary wizard from a king Arthurian tale
Morgana - Legendary sorceress from a king Arthurian tale
Hippocrates - Legendary physician of the old ages
Joan of Arc - Legendary woman sent by Gabriel through a dream now graced by the highest God.

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Q4 2023???
man so long into the future....
@Schnuff !!!! I’m so happy to see you back!! I was planning to give free copies to everyone who commented on the first game or second game in the previous years. You were one of the ones to commented on the first game a couple of years back :).
I just love the old JRPG (in German: die kleinen rumlaufenden Kopffüssler).
Sadly, even after I bought every RPGMaker version....I still don't have the patience to make one myself....to anybody doing that....Thank You!!
You’re very welcome!!! And I would LOVE to be the first one to play any game you release if you ever have the patience to finish one even if it’s at the very least an hour long. A small accomplishment is still an accomplishment :)!
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