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Simple Battle Fantasy is a fangame of the EPIC BATTLE FANTASY franchise made by Tritra Serpifeu and it takes place in an alternative universe.

The story is about the elemental warrior MATT, the modern bard PHYRNNA, the black mage CAT and the snake pet NOLIMBS. They live inside of the desert, not having much money. They then see on TV the chance to get rich! They need to save an adventurer who went missing and if they do, they get tons of money!

Join the crew of four and explore the tri eye islands! (At least the first area and the beginning of the second area since this is just a demo)

The game includes:
-RPG Battle System
-In battle dialouge
-CG's for cutscenes
-Changing lead characters for different text when interacting with objects
-Some secrets
-Mixture of tracks from other games and OST made for this game!
-All new assets in a pixel artstyle

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