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It is the AGE OF MEN, two centuries prior to the coming of the ERA OF DISSOLUTION. The Llanian Empire, one of the great human power within the world, has taken Nezar at the point of a blade and solidified their place of power on the continent of Aedithea. Though at the height of their power, dark forces move behind the scenes, maneuvering hidden pawns to achieve vile ends that would be the end of countless people.

Evil cults have arisen to give praise to the dark things that infest Vallonde, and its lands and people have suffered: Crops wilt, cattle succumb to the ravages of disease and predation, and bandits, undead, and other more insidious monsters stalk to night. Though the imperial armies muster and their inquisitors scour the land for the dark dedicants of the horrid OUTSIDERS, the empire's slow corruption seems almost inescapable. A cloud of hopelessness hangs over the beleaguered lands of Llan.

In the south of Llan, on the nation's border with recently-conquered Nezar, sits the unremarkable province of Boravel. The once-steward of Boravel, your master, has bid you, his chosen hero, to cleanse the evil that has taken root within the protectorate. As a member of the Adventurer's Guild and a subject of the steward, you are bound by tradition to answer the cries of the imperiled, and Boravel desperately cries out for the aid of a hero.

THE RED CULT, a group of fanatics and madmen dedicated to the veneration of the cruelly intelligent outsider PYRAMID OF RED, has wrested control of the IRON FORTRESS from the hands of the steward's men. From their new headquarters, the cult seeks to bring Boravel to its knees. Your duty is to see their works undone, and to drive them from the lands of your kin. Along the way, you must not only free the people from their plights, but help them rebuild the province.

The HUMAN race, alongside the DWARVES of Khazid and the volatile ELVES must come together to fight this cancerous menace. As a steely WARRIOR, sagacious WYZARD, venerated EXEMPLAR, or mysterious DRUIDE, you will bring to bear steel and spell to burn the red cult from their ill-gained fortification. The stolen fortress itself is an elaborate maze of winding corridors and hidden tunnels, undoubtedly stalked by dark things best left unnamed. Can you stop the threat before it swallows Llan whole?


In Vallondian: The Red Cult, you take on the role of a lone hero tasked with uprooting a coven of cultists led by a dark and powerful entity. From the outset of the game, you are free to explore the province of Boravel, from its northern forests to its southern desert and all the mountains, fields, and lakes in between. Five cities and towns await the coming of a capable hero, and each have a range of quests for characters of any level to find challenge and advancement with. Vallonde, the game's setting and namesake, has years of extensive lore, history, and development which will be on full display in The Red Cult, but never in a way that feels obtrusive to the experience; if you want to know more, you'll never be short on details and secrets.

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It's called *POLISH*, hunny

You ever play a game and it all clicks and the mechanics feel like they just "fit"? You ever get that same feeling when working on a game and putting the final pieces of the puzzle together to make a mechanical system work? I'm an advocate for the idea that timelines and dev roadmaps should be left vague, because when you're in elbow deep in a system, you'll know when its done. It'll click into place and fit right and you can move on.
I mention all this because I experienced that very thing while working to perfect my on-map enemy events. I got all of them brought up to date with the newest functionality, added a 3-second immunity window so the player wouldn't get forced into another fight immediately after fleeing or winning a fight, and *BAM* knew right then I was done and could finally move onto something else without worrying about it. It's definitely the little things that keep me in this game.


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Can you upload a video demo? This looks very classical.
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