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Oh god I have to write a lecture.. well, time to reach the character requirement.

UNTITLED (Name Pending) is an indie RPG made by one girl in her bedroom! The story is about a different girl who wakes up in a pale and bizarre land of mysterious properties.

In “UNTITLED” you meet skilled swordsmen (swordsmen pending), scary spectres and crazy crocodiles (crocodiles pending) in a short Demo experience. The point of this Demo is to gauge feedback and interest. Though, I'll probably keep making it either way.

The RPG with the inspired name of 'UNTITLED' (this is still a placeholder name by the way) is made by somebody who tends to dislike RPGs, so if you don't like RPGs and are browsing Rpgmaker.net, this is (could be) the game for you!

Do note that when this game releases, it will probably maybe likely cost money. Maybe. It's early in development, so I haven't thought that far ahead yet.

(Note: I accidentally left in my dev save file whoops LOL. please start from the 'New Game' and not 'Continue', and save over my file while you're at it for the intended experience.)

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