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Browser version now available!

Thanks to EasyRPG and my quest to make most of my junk playable from a browser, this game with a stupid title is now web-playable (hosted on itch.io at https://psy-wombats.itch.io/thankless-sidequests).

Surprisingly painless integration too. (not quite drag'n'drop thanks to some EasyRPG bugs causing unfortunate hangs, but close enough). Would recommend for anyone working on itch-hosted RM stuff.


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Thankless bug reports, none of them super important:

A tile that's meant to represent part of a tree's leaves in the foreground southeast of the 'treasure' chest outside of Eduard's castle can be walked through and therefore allows access to out of bounds areas in said screen, walking all over the sky and featureless parts of the grassy hills.

Every southern wall tile inside Eduard's castle can be walked through to get out of bounds.

A cliff edge tile left of a plant north of the 'treasure' chest outside the cave northeast of the river can be walked over, though this won't let the player access as much as the previously mentioned ones.

A few, maybe three total, miscellaneous tiles in indoor areas can be walked onto despite appearing to be meant to depict walls.

There is no cake in the game as depicted on images on the game's pages! Unless it turns out you needed the Golden Buddha Statue to get it...

The EasyRPG player added built-in D-Pad support and different controller mappings than the engine usually uses. Specifically, Button 3 (the left face button on most controllers) serves as an additional Down input, and Button 5 (the left shoulder button) serves as a Left input. That aside, it has Confirm/Interact as Button 2 (right face button) and Cancel/Menu as Button 4 (up face button), which is in-line with most pre-localization console JRPGs' mappings.

Just figured I'd mention it somewhere for players that play with controllers wondering why the usual pre-MV RPG Maker inputs aren't working or why they might be getting directional pad inputs working without external programs interpreting them as arrow keys (or double inputs, if they're unlucky).
Thanks for the passability reports -- should be easily fixable. Never knew that about EasyRPG stuff as I usually don't use a controller... there have been a lot of little hiccups like that
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