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A boy searching for a place to call home
A girl desperately seeking to escape her own
A timeless tale of friendship and adventure

Broke and on the run, Radcliffe and his friends speed through the skies on their airship--until it breaks down outside the Kingdom of Verandele. With no other options left, they search for work in town but are quickly rejected. For they are Rogues, an outcast group of society and remnant of the legendary Explorers--brave souls who searched the world over for new lands and treasure.

Following a fateful encounter with a mysterious girl, Radcliffe and crew embark upon a wild adventure through the realm of Verandele and the skies beyond...

-No random encounters
-Earn bonus items by clearing all enemies on a map
-Customize characters with an engaging skill system
-Playable on Windows and Mac (The download button on the main page is for Windows)

-Yanfly Engine
-The Mighty Palm
-Ocean's Dream
-Digital Moons
-Vincent Nitti

While gameplay is a vital component, this is first and foremost a narrative focused role-playing game. Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!


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The demo of A Rogue's Tale is available for download now! Enjoy the first hour of gameplay. Any feedback is welcomed and certainly appreciated.

Stay tuned, as development for the full game is close to completion.
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