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Princess Daphne's beloved Prince Elden has been kidnapped by her arch rival Princess Elizabeth of Helenia.

Unfortunately for her, her father the King of Hyrilumi has forbade her from meeting with the Prince and as such won't help her in saving her husband to be, so she has to save him herself!

Control her as she slaughters 13 types of Helenian knights in melee combat!

Compete for a high score!

Fight through 6 action packed levels and help the princess save the man of her dreams!

Inspired by the NES games Kung-Fu and Zelda II.

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  • Yooper_the_Pirate
  • Unity
  • Action Platformer
  • 04/20/2022 03:15 PM
  • 08/16/2022 03:32 PM
  • 04/20/2022
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