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Shujinko Academy is a story about Jun Kikai, a new student going to high school attending an academy full of anime protagonists around him. It's a story-focused game where you read through what it's like to see anime come to life and meet interesting characters along the way while trying to survive the school life. Rarely are choices made that would greatly impact the direction of the story, but the choices you can make will drastically alter the path you take later on.

Features of the game include a unique story that's a mix of comedy, fantasy, slice-of-life, drama, and mystery surrounding it. There are also unique cutscene images commissioned specifically for this story to establish character, setting, and a mood that cannot be captured through sprites or character emotions. The maps here are used for comedic breather events that also establish character, but some events interacted with on the maps may impact certain elements of the story later on, encouraging readers to explore all possibilities.

You can read the more flavorful description of the story on itch.io.

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