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The story about things happen after the first Nobihaza games. Nobita and his friend now confront new enemies: Neo-Umbrella. This game refered the plot and character of Resident Evil 6.

Plot: After the T-Virus Disease, Nobita's team now join the BSAA to prevent Neo-Umbrella, and find the secret about the C-Virus.
Nobita woke up at an unknown room, then he know there's BSAA headquaters. He become BSAA agent and investigate Neo-Umbrella Corporation. Jaian become the captian of BSAA, with Chris Redfield. Suneo become an armor designer, Seina become the nurse. (If you ask where is Shizuka, she died in the original version, but now she reborn at an evil). When Nobita was investigating, he emerged a monster, he escaped fast and then took the example to Irina, 1 of the captain of BSAA. And Kenji run away from the BSAA headquater and came with Sherry Birkin(RE2), now is a DSO agent. Finally, Nobita's team will defeat all the enemies, but there are too many hidden secrets that they couldn't find.
This game will have many endings, each endings will have diffrent character alive.

-New menu style
-ABS system with common event
-Youtube Mode(use with Youtuber)
-Minimap and HUD
-8 move route
-Default save Disable, replace by Save Computer and Save Typewriter Event(like Resident Evil).
-Many other features

Good(player control or NPC)
-Nobi Nobita
-Honekawa Suneo
-Goda Takeshi(Jaian)
-Midorikawa Seina
-Ouga Kenji
-Leon S Kennedy
-Helena Harper
-Sherry Birkin
-Chris Redfield
-Nobi Sewashi
-Sakurai Sakuya
-Hidetoshi Dekisugi
-Minamoto Shizuka
-Carla Radames
-Nobita's Sensei
Script and Credits
- Will have in full version.

How to play:
-Arrow button to move
-X to open/close menu
-Z to interact
-Q button to use Melee Weapon
-Shift button to use Gun
-When using Melee Weapon or Gun, press Z to attack
(You must equip weapon to use)
To know more about how to play, interact with a man(NPC) in the first map to take "Tutorial Book" English version(Game's language is Vietnamese)then open inventory to read.(If you don't know Vietnamese)

If you are a streamer or youtuber, turn on Youtube mode.
The language is Vietnamese, so you have to use dictionary or google trans to understand the plot and how to play.
Finally, hope you enjoy it.

Click here to download

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