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Burial (葬) - a short adventure/horror game made by Tokiiro Kaeru (時彩 蛙) in the year of 2014.


Suddenly, Kai realizes that he is standing in front of someone's tombstone in the cemetery. He can't remember anything about how he got there, and just as he decides to leave, he sees a girl running through the cemetery, pursued by a ghost with a sword. Trying to help the girl, Kai takes refuge with her in a nearby church, but the ghost continues to pursue them. The fugitives have no choice but to descend into the church's ancient catacombs and hope that they can find another way out...

The game contains:

* Default RPGMaker sprites are mixed with beautiful hand drawn arts, inspired by gothic architect styles and Rozen Maiden

* Video movies

* Simple main plotline with a somewhat convoluted background lore

* Few cute characters with their own quirky personalities

* Playtime that varies from 1 to 2 hours

* 4 endings

Note 1: The game wasn't made by us (Patchy Illusion Team), but we have the developer's permission to translate and share it.

Note 2 (important!): The movies in the game won't be played in Easy RPG Player, hence for full experience it's recommended to play the game through the native launchers (Fullscreen or Windowed).

Warning: the game contains dark themes, mentions of death, sickness, isolation and some gruesome descriptions. No screamers.


Game's page on freem:


Official developer's game page:


Developer's twitter:


Translators page:


Download links:

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