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Progress Report

Proto(type) to Demo

The awaited Update is here!!!

To be honest write devlog is really a hassle, despite saying so here I am doing it, alright where should I start, I guess from Bugs then...

Fixed Bugs Count : 4
-Guard/Dodge Recharge Bug
-Guard Capless Bug
-Break/Trip Duration Bug
-Tier-4 Elemental Magic Multi-Hits Animation Bug
New Feature Count: Lost Track
There are too many to count, just read "YouDareToReadMe.txt" if you that curious about details...

Important Change
-System Updated (New Status Menu, More Stats?!)
-Barehand base power increased
-Equipment no longer grant flat stats such as DEX, etc.
-Equipment has their own Base Power
-AGI and DEX Stats updated (Due to change above)
-Xstal effect updated
-New Buff Item Holy Gems added
-New Blacksmith and Alchemist Recipe added
Don't say a word, I know this devlog are too vague, even so... thanks for your time to read it ^ω^

Progress Report

Early to Proto(type) Log

Summary of Update...

What's new?

-New Story Progress

-Sub Skills added!

-New Character added!

-New Effects added!

-System Change updated!

-Bugs Killed!

~~~New Story Progress added!~~~

-Story Boss Wind Spirit added!

-New Check Point added!

-New Areas unlocked!

-Field Boss Metal Stinger added!

~~~Sub Skills added!~~~

A skill that available when Sub equipment such as Shield, Arrow, etc. are eqquiped, each sub can have 2 or more skill, unlike Main weapon, Sub skill instantly available without need to reach a certain level mastery however sub skill will become unavailable when the Sub equipment are removed or changed.


A skill/magic available when Shield is equipped, focused for interrupt enemy dangerous charge attack or to buff defense.

-Shield Bash (Interrupt, Aggro+)

-Shield Cannon (Interrupt)

-Force Shield (Buff)

-Magic Shield (Buff)

*Force and Magic Shield has two version, that is Skill and Magic, if used from Skill Command will only grant the effect to user while if used from Magic Command will grant the effect to all allies.


A skill available when Arrow is equipped, focused to debuff enemy.

-Arrow Throw (Alt. Basic Attack)

-Arrow Field`(Debuff)

-Poison Arrow (Poison)

-Demon Arrow (Multi Hit)

~Kisma (MagicKnight)

A magic available when Mystic Dagger is equipped, focused to damage enemy in epic way.

-Equalizer (Buff, Unique)

*Get the average of HP&MP % and randomly gain buff, this effect will fail if % HP is lower than % MP, this magic can't be used if user Max Mp is 0.

-Ether Explosion (Burn, Buff, Unique, Magic)

*Gain AMPR buff if target is Burned.

-Element Slash (Debuff, Unique, Elements)

*Inflict Weaken to target if Element of the Element Slash is target weakness, said Element Res must be -50% or higher.

-Enchant Slash (AoE, Damage, Buff)

*Gain 1 Enchant Stack upon use, can be stacked up to 3.

-Enchant Flare (Unique, Damage, Debuff, Multi Hit, Magic)

*If used when Enchant Stack above 0 gain Buff and inflict Magicks Nuke to target.


A ninjutsu available when Ninjutsu Scroll is equipped, focused to damage enemy in ninja way.

-Metal Release (Buff)

-Fire Release (Buff)

-Water Release (Buff)

-Earth Release (Buff)

-Wind Release (Buff)

-Thunder Release (Buff)

*How to use Ninjutsu was really hassle to explain, so it's placed at Notable down below

~~~New Character added!~~~

Ancient Wind Spirit may join the fray!

Elemental Spirit has limitation when it's come to use of Elemental Magic(mostly opposite of her element) however she comes with overpower personal skills!

Level 5 Playful Wind

-Boost all allies dodge, can be consumed to avoid magic attack once.

Level 18 Wind Serenade

-Multi-Hit AoE Wind Magic Attack.

Level 26 Wall of Wind

-A buff to user, allow her to dealt damage to attacker whenever an attack is evaded.

Level 40 Phantom Gale

-Randomly attack enemies, untouchable until the end of attacks.

~~~New effects added!~~~

"Chakra Conversion"

Reduce the amount of MP needed to cast Ninjutsu by 100/stack, however MP cost of Ninjutsu can't be reduced below 100.


A chance to parry an attack with a weapon, reduce damage taken based on user VIT and some STR, this effect can't be used together with Guard however it is possible to reduce damage taken to 0 with this effect.

"Hard Hit"

Boost damage dealt when target is Blocking.


Boost DEX during Graze calculation only to reduce Graze chance.


A chance to completly evade magic attack.


Reduce Charge time of skill/magic, may not work on a certain skill/magic.

~~~Any important changes?~~~


Parry does not consume turn for both Player and Enemy. (Buff)


Dodge/Guard amount will not reset due to skill/magic useage, however it will recharge itself when not used. (Nerf)

"SP System"

Add RnG element to ASPR from Basic Attack. (Nerf, say bye-bye to flat ASPR)

SPR from damage changed to block instead. (Balance)

-For Character who took damage will not recover any SP from now on. (DPS Nerf, no longer revenge spam)

-However for Character who block attack with guard will recover SP based on reduced damage taken. (Tanker Buff, no longer complaint about slow ASPR)

*SPR = SP Recovery / ASPR = Attack SP Recovery

"Burn/Posion Damage for Enemy"

Damage are greatly reduced since it's easy to abuse. (Nerf)

"Sub: Mystic Dagger"

When equipped it can affect Quick Cast, however this effect negated if used together with the Staff/Caster Weapon. (Buff)

"EXP System"

EXP penalty reduction for lower level player vs higher level enemy are removed in return add bonus exp unless the gap is over 9 level. (Buff)

*This game are not vicious like it's prequel where the player can use various method to instantly wipe out the mobs no matter how strong they are.

"Battle Speed"

Speed of the battle are reduced since the player need to control all 5 character at once which cause delay during command phase. (Buff)

~~~Any change to skills?~~~

"Saber Skill: War Cry"

War Cry increase STR by 30% changed to boost Physical Damage Dealt by 30% instead.

Counted as Buff since not all physical attack uses STR.

"Berserker Skill: Crush"

Breaking Guard damage are reduced by 50%

Counted as Nerf without a doubt.

"Lancer Skill: Battle Cry"

Battle Cry Sp Cost become 0->10.

Counted as Nerf without a doubt.

"Fighter Skill: Guard Breaker"

Breaking Guard damage are increased by 100%

Counted as Buff without a doubt.

"Fighter Skill: Fist of Ruin"

Does not ignore target Guard.

Counted as Nerf without a doubt.

"Archer Skill: Quick Draw"

Quick Draw SP Cost become 0->10, however add extra hit for basic attack(damage are reduced), this skill does not consume turn when used.

Quick Draw can't be used together with a certain skill such as Rampage, etc.

Counted as Buff since user can gain SP faster.

"Caster Skill: Magic Boost"

Magic Boost increase INT by 30% changed to boost Magical Damage Dealt by 30% instead.

Counted as Nerf since INT greatly affect base damage.

~~~Any bugs defeated?~~~

(Prorate) Bug Fixed!

"The Dev forget to CLEAR the Prorate after battle, sorry childern but it's already fixed now"

(Enemies are too nimble!) Bug Fixed!

"Enemies does not use weapon so they counted as Barehanded which make them abnormaly QUICK due to ASPD bonus, it's fixed now"

(Enemies are too strong!) Bug Fixed!

"The Dev forget that stats multipler for damage such as STR and INT work for both Player and Enemy, fret not, enemy stats are lowered now"

*The Dev of this game are 100% pure human, so sorry for being a human. (a being that forget and make mistake sometimes)

~~~Notable Stuffs~~~

~Note About Kisma~

-Enchant Keris (AoE, Damage, Critical Chance+, Buff)

*Available when buff from Enchant Flare is gained, gain 1 Enchant Stack upon use, can be stacked up to 3.

"Enchant Weapon" (A buff from Enchant Slash/Keris)

-The element used by user will be always the target weakness.

"Magicks Nuke"

-Dealt damage to target based on Enchant Stack.

-Target need to take "Magic Damage" other than Enchant Flare to activate this effect.

-The damage will be overwrite if another Enchant Flare is used before Magicks Nuke effect is activated.

~Note About Ninjutsu~

Currently Ninjutsu are not affected by silence nor bleed.

About Metal Release...

Metal Release give user Buff called Kinton: Kunai that change basic attack to gain AMPR(Attack MP Recovery) based on ASPR.

The effect of Kinton: Kunai will last until next skill other than Ninjutsu Release is used.

Damage of Kinton: Kunai are reduced if user Main Weapon isn't Katana(Foreigner Weapon).

-Fuma Shuriken (AoE, Damage, Multi Hit)

*Available during Kinton: Kunai, change Kinton: Kunai to Kinton: Shuriken upon use.

The effect of Kinton: Shuriken is similar to Kinton: Kunai however the Kinton: Shuriken does AoE instead single target.

About Fire Release...

Fire Release give user Buff called Katon: Fire Jutsu after charge, this buff replace the next basic attack to a certain fire Ninjutsu.

The user will be burned if the Ninjutsu not released for too long.

-Katon: Fireball Jutsu (Fire, Burn, Magic)

*Available during Katon: Fire Jutsu, it is replaced Attack Command, does not charge nor consume additional MP.

-Katon: Blaze of Glory (Fire, Damage, Burn, AoE, Magic)

*Available during Katon: Fire Jutsu while the user is burned, it is replaced Attack Command, does not charge nor consume additional MP.

*The Burn on user will be consumed upon use of the skill.

About Water Release...

Water Release give both user and allies around the user Buff called Suiton: Rapid Water after charge, this buff reduce Burn and Poison damage.

During effect of Suiton: Rapid Water the user uses Kinton: Kunai, the effect of Suiton: Rapid Water will be consumed to preform Suiton: Vortex Kunai skill.

-Suiton: Vortex Kunai (Water, Multi Hit, Magic, Interrupt, Debuff)

*Available during Suiton: Rapid Water and Kinton: Kunai, it is replaced Attack Command, does not charge nor consume additional MP.

*Kinton: Kunai buff will be returned after the skill is used.

About Earth Release...

Earth Release give user buff Doton: Earth Shield after charge, this shield will reduce damage taken by 25% for 10 hit or until buff time is up.

When Doton: Earth Shield time is up and there are remaining shield, the buff will be changed to Doton: Earth Jutsu.

-Doton: Earth Pillar (Earth, Damage, Magic)

*Available during Doton: Earth Jutsu, it is replaced Attack Command, does not charge nor consume additional MP.

*The more shield stack the greater damage dealt.

About Wind Release...

Wind Release give user Buff called Fuuton: Wind Jutsu, this buff replace the next basic attack to a certain wind Ninjutsu.

-Fuuton: Spiral Round (Wind, Multi Hit, AoE)

*Available during Fuuton: Wind Jutsu, it is replaced Attack Command, does not charge nor consume additional MP.

-Fuuton: Spiral Shuriken (Wind, Multi Hit, AoE, Magic)

*Available during Fuuton: Wind Jutsu and Kinton: Shuriken, it is replaced Attack Command, does not charge nor consume additional MP.

About Thunder Release...

Thunder Release give user Buff called Raiton: Thunder Jutsu after charge, this buff replace the next basic attack to a certain thunder Ninjutsu.

-Raiton: Lightning Flash (Thunder, AoE)

*Available during Raiton: Thunder Jutsu, it is replaced Attack Command, does not charge nor consume additional MP.

-Raiso: Feast of Thunder (Thunder, AoE, Critical+)

*Available during Raiton: Thunder Jutsu if user main weapon is Katana, it is replaced Attack Command, does not charge nor consume additional MP.

Thanks for your attention...

Game Design

Opening Log

I don't know where should I start, and I hate to beat the bush around either~
Without further ado...
Below here are knowledge about Perang Cemen II Ancient Combat Gameplay, it's not complete and might change, think it as early idea or something.

~About Equipment~
Equipment divided by Main Weapon, Sub-Hand, Armor, Additional, and Special.
Each equipment can have 2 xstal slot excluding Sub-Hand, and any character are free to equip any kind of Weapons and Armors.

~About Battle~
In a battle, player can command character once that character are Ready to preform an action, how fast the character to get ready are based on ASPD not AGI, AGI does affect ASPD but ASPD are generated based on equipments and other stats relates to certain types of weapons.
Preform basic attack with weapon, when weapon mastery reach a certain level, a skill related to that weapon mastery will be preformed instantly when learning it.
Preform skill or initate charge, each skill has their own effect.
For elemental magic include physical(brawler) and Recovery, once element mastery reach a certain level, a magic related to that element mastery will be preformed instantly when learning it.
Preform Guard/Dodge, Guard will reduce any damage taken to 1 by consume Guard Power, while Dodge will completly Evaded physical attack by consume user Dodge.
Ok, I know this is obvious but there we go, item work instantly, and the limit of all item is 99 unlike it Prequel where some overpower healing item are limited.

~About Enemy~
Some Ailment has different effect for both enemy and player such as Poison, Burn, Blind, Paralysis, etc.

-Boss Ailment Resistance
A boss will gain resistance to certain ailment mostly Interrupt such as Flinch, Tumble, and Stun, these resistance will completely block the said ailment, the resistance duration for each ailment may varies.

-Damage Prorate
There are 3 types of damage:
Basic Attack, Physical, and Magical.
When player dealt basic attack damage to enemy, the resistance agaisnt Basic Attack will increased while resistance of other two (Physical and Magical) are decreased, mobs have fixed of min/max damage taken from this effect by 50%~200% but prorate formula for each bosses may varies.

Click here for more info.

Lastly, thanks for your time~
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