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Unique Yu-Gi-Oh! Game

  • 02/25/2023 08:14 AM
I played a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh games, and I love RPG games in general, but when you combine the two together; this what makes this game unique and special. I was looking for a new Yu-Gi-Oh game and by chance I found this. I wanted to give it a try and the experience I had with it was worth it. Even though the game is extremely hard to beat, and it was one of the hardest games I played in a very long time, I accepted the challenge and continued till the end. If you think that you will beat it in one day, you better think again because it is not a normal Yu-Gi-Oh like TCG, OCG, etc. It is more like a heavy puzzle game. The idea was there and everything was perfect, but there are some points I want to discuss and talk about.

The story starts by a nameless duelist (You) who wants to become the #1 Yu-Gi-Oh duelist in the world and to win the global tournament, not by skills, but by cheating. With the help of Sparkie (Your friend), you first have to win 8 local tournaments in order to get qualified to the finals; the game style is like mega man ,you beat 8 bosses to reach to the final boss right? Same thing here. These tournaments are not easy to beat, you will repeat each one of them a lot. You will see the Game Over screen a lot, and I mean a lot. I don't want to spoil more about the story, but in my opinion, it was perfect. To the point where you will be curious to know more about what will happen.

Like I mentioned that the game is really hard to beat, and the reason of that is because I did not focus on the tutorial. If you are going to play it, focus on the tutorial word by word, you will not be able to continue the game without understanding the basics, I am not saying it is hard, but you should keep into consideration that in order to beat the game, you must read the tutorial and the dialogs in-game, you are also required to have some skills to beat some of the puzzles. Some local tournaments I played I was trying to beat them without even reading and focusing on the dialogs, which was a big mistake. Always read the dialogs because they are the key to beat some of the puzzles and to win some of the duels.

One of the things that I really liked about this game is the music. The choice of music was epic and on point; to the point where I am still listening to some of its music till this day even after I beat the game. The best ones I enjoyed the most are Stage Select theme, Halfmoon City, and Frankfort Plaza. Ah yes I forgot to mention, Halfmoon City is the hardest stage among all 8, so I recommend to leave it for last for some reasons that you will find it later on.

In conclusion, the game has two endings (Light - Dark) I managed to get both of them. Also the game has a giveaway 3 diamonds in-game (Greed - Red - Blue). You find one of them you get $100. If you were lucky and found one of the diamonds, you have to beat the game in order to get your prize. I couldn't find any of them, but If I had a change to play it again, I will focus more on some of the codes, properties, and skills. My overall score to the game is 4.5 and the reason is that there are some parts where you will not be able to understand what to do, and you have to email the developer to get some guides. It would be much better if there was an instruction page or a guide page for some parts of the game, instead of thinking that it is an unfinished project. Other than that, the game was epic.