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The Coins and the Crown is a short visual novel puzzle-solving game.
The Demon King has kidnapped the Goddess and a young acolyte must save her. However, instead of fighting, the Demon King challenged the young acolyte to a strategic battle of wits. Solve the puzzle and rescue the Goddess from the Demon King.


• Short main story: 10-15 minutes' long
• No combat.
• No horror.
• Multiple endings.
• No restart needed, just wait until after the credits for intro-skip option.

Keys - On the keyboard: Z = confirm, X = cancel.


- The game/riddle used as the base of this game has many variations, the first one I remember encountering had coins and a crown, this is the meaning behind the name of this game.

Edit 29/05/22:

- Fixed typos that were brought to my attention, the downloads have been updated.

Edit 23/06/22:

- Due to more typos discovered I checked all the text in-game and fixed all the typos I could find, there shouldn't be anymore typos, but if any is discovered please let me know. The downloads have been updated.

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