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The Coins and the Crown

Note: This video doesn't go public until July 1st, 2022, at 1:15 AM CST.

Note: This video doesn't go public until July 1st, 2022, at 2:15 AM CST.

Additional Notes: I skipped over the opening sequence for the alternative story mode since it features all of the same cut scenes as the main story.


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Thank you for playing the game and for taking the time to make a video about it, I read the review you've published in June but had no idea you also recorded a walk-through.
I have to admit, when I heard the video basically opens with "honestly this game is kind of annoying" I almost didn't watch it, I was kind of scared it will be a nasty video full of insults, but I decided to take a breath and watch it anyway and I'm glad I did because the two videos were civilized and my fears were unfounded.

I would like to address some of the points you made in the videos, it's a bit long so please bear with me:

1. The Visual Novel tag

This game is a visual novel with a puzzle and multiple endings. I know that when most people hear the term Visual Novel they think about branching visual novels like Otome games where you have choices, starting early in the game, to split the story into different routes with the different love interests etc.; but there are also linear visual novels where there is only one story line and kinetic visual novels with no choices at all, example – most of the Umineko series. The game I made has a lot of text and no gameplay other than the puzzle and that is exactly why the game is tagged as a Visual Novel Puzzle game.
If you only want to solve the puzzle without the text, then after completing the game once you can play the casual option, where it's only the puzzle and there's almost no text (you'll need to play Avoid the Curse version once to unlock that version in casual, but that's it). The only reason to play each of the story modes more than once is to see the other endings you haven't seen, and you can use the casual mode to practice so you won't need to repeat the story modes over and over.

2. The story in general
I wanted to make a small project; this was my first game so I wanted something simple that won't drag on, mostly to gain the full experience of creating a game from start to finish, so I drew inspiration from old school games with very simple stories that don't have much explanation (at least not in-game).

3. How the Demon King was able to kidnap the Goddess?

The Goddess is the second strongest god after the Divine, but the Demon King is the strongest demon; in the general power scale the Demon King is weaker than the Divine but actually slightly stronger than the Goddess, so as long as she was alone and he took her by surprise he could seal her powers and kidnap her without a problem. The gods (including the Divine) are not omnipotent so no one could see this coming; also, the Demon King didn't kidnap the Goddess from the temple, she wasn't even in the mortal plane at the time; the gods of this story live in the celestial realm and only descent to the mortal plane when absolutely necessary; so a god will not visit their temple unless it's a very special occasion, like the good ending of the game. Also: all of the gods are the Divine's children, and all the humans are the gods' children.

4. Ellipses

I have to agree, there are too many of them in the game and they are very annoying. I can't believe I haven't notice this before; but from now on, in future games, I will not be using them like that anymore and will use the Silence Speech bubble instead.

Thank you for reading my reply, and for playing the game.
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