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Battle through a massive labyrinth of forest and other monster-filled environments. Build your character's stats, learn unique skills, find useful items, discover small towns, uncover secrets, and destroy every monster you come across.

This game is currently in development, but already has plenty of gameplay, as the first area out of six has been completed.

This game is being built off a previously completed game, Under World 4. A lot has being taken from that game and improved within this new game. It currently has 120+ scenes to explore. When it is completed, it will have almost 500 completed scenes.

ENTER: Use equipped item
ESC: Jump to menu
SHIFT: Activate run/walk
Q & W: switch between items

***NOTE: A lot more monsters and enemies will be added as I create the rest of the game. This is only the first section out of 6 different areas that you will get to explore.

Music was created by ChillinBuzz (Chris Powell)

Email me anytime or hit me up on this site if you get stuck or have questions: JonBaumann85@gmail.com

Latest Blog

Demo available--plenty of gameplay

So I'm not a huge fan of releasing demos, but I figured this version had enough gameplay on it where I could at least get some feedback as I create the rest of this massive game. So far, I have completed about 120+ maps and I aim to have around 500 completed when the game is finished. I am aiming to have this be a huge exploration game. If you try out the demo, don't hesitate to leave me feedback so you can let me know what you like and don't like, so that as I build onto this game, I can make it the best it can be.

This game is being built off my previous game, Under World 4, by the way--in case you haven't played that. That one was completed back in 2011. If you would rather try out a completed game, by all means, give that one a go.

I will continue to leave updates on this page as I make more progress, working on this game.
  • Production
  • moam
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Action RPG
  • 05/08/2022 07:15 PM
  • 05/13/2022 04:24 AM
  • 09/01/2022
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Not sure what I am doing wrong, game seems ok, I install the correct RTP.
Still no bananas, any ideas for me?
Not sure what I am doing wrong, game seems ok, I install the correct RTP.
Still no bananas, any ideas for me?

Having trouble running it? If it’s not starting, I do know what might be causing the issue.


Download “Extra Files You May Need”. Run the RTP installation. This seemed to fix issues running rpg maker xp games YEARS ago. If this doesn’t fix the issue, I will look into it ASAP tomorrow and help you get it running :)
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