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Item List:
Sword (owned)

Bombs (found scattered throughout game, need level 8 bomb strength to blow up Immortal Blocks)

Gun (found in south-western primary area)

Spell Book (found in South Pines Town, southern primary area)

Medkit (owned and found scattered throughout game)

Keys (found scattered throughout game)
Rare Coins (found scattered throughout game)
Fuzzballs (found scattered throughout game)
Forest Pearls (found scattered throughout game)
Lock Pick (found in south eastern primary area, need level 10 lock pick skill to unlock Indestructible Locks)
Magic Clock (found in south eastern primary area)
Vicious Saw (found in Fortress of Despair)
War Hammer (found in Daggerdale, south eastern Dead Wasteland)
Explorer's Mask (found in Burdone Quarry, Dead Wasteland)
Teleporter (found in northern Deep Woods)
Demon Bullets (found in north western Dead Wasteland)

Gun upgrades:
-Auto Gun (found in City of Dreams, eastern Deep Woods)
-Blast Gun (found in Frigid, western Frozen Reaches)
-Quad Blaster (found in Glimmer, western Dead Wasteland)

All upgrades/skills:
-Poison Skin (damages enemies who attack you)
-Spin Attack (spin your sword around you to attack enemies nearby)
-Advanced Spin Attack (larger range in your spin attack)
-Rock Crushing (break rocks with your sword)
-Easier Limit (reach your bonus mode quicker and easier when using your sword)
-Advanced Damage (Max DMG to enemies becomes 100)
-Expert Damage (Max DMG to enemies becomes 200)
-Vampirism (steal HP from enemies who you attack)
-Energy Absorb (steal energy from enemies who you attack)
-Anti Spike (take no damage from walking on spikes)
-Anti Laser (take no damage from walking through laser beams)
-Anti Fire (take damage from fire, but avoid being set on fire when you do)
-Anti Magic (no enemies can cast spells on you)
-Anti Zombie (avoid the deadly zombie curse when you are bit)
-Anti Dragon (do maximum DMG on all dragons)
-Anti Undead (do maximum DMG on undead enemies)
-Anti Chess (immune to the guardians of the Fortress of Despair)
-Anti Blizzard (immune to freezing and blizzard DMG)
-Anti Curse (protection from curses)
-Anti Bear Trap (protection from getting caught in traps)
-Dodge skill (33% chance of dodging an attack when enemy comes at you)
-Double Cast (cast your active spell twice in a row)
-God Attack (fire powerful thunder bolts when attacking with your sword)
-Gold Attack (gain gold when you attack enemies)
-Saw Attack Speed (improve your attack speed when using Vicious Saw)
-Hammer Super Hit (Do incredible DMG when landing direct hits with the War Hammer)
-Super Speed (go ultra-fast while in run mode)
-Ranged Attack (hit all enemies with your sword in your line of fire)
-Throw Bomb (ability to throw your bombs at enemies, rather than setting them)
-Dual Weapons (swing with your sword in between attacks, when using the Gun, Spell Book, Bombs, and other weapons)
-Minimum Sword Damage (increase the minimum amount of damage that your sword will always do)
-Thunder Blade (chance of landing a damaging thunder attack with your sword)
-Freeze Blade (chance of freezing the enemy with your sword)
-Fear Blade (chance of doing deadly DMG to all enemies when landing a hit with your sword)
-Gain Bomb (gain bombs from attacking enemies)
-Power Attack (do a powerful attack with your sword when you attack very swiftly)
-Spell Freeze (freeze enemies for a short amount of time after casting the spell)
-Master Spell (do 200 DMG every time you cast the spell)
-Time Stop Death Blow (while time is stopped, when attacking enemies from behind, you will do 1000 DMG)
-Extra Life (Revival once during death)
-Death Bombs (bombs now do 1000 DMG, but can be instant death to you as well)
-Ghostly Time Freeze (freeze the time when standing still for a few seconds)
-Ultimate Vengeance (instantly kill all enemies when attacked)
-Clean Slate (when resting at an inn, clean the slate of all enemies you've made in different towns)
-Warp Slash (instantly teleport to the nearest enemy you are facing, then attacking)
-Adjust Perks (ability to adjust your perks whenever you want)
-Spell Blade (when attacking with your sword, cast a spell as well)
-Running Power Attack (do incredible DMG when running without stopping, then attacking)
-Rock Force (force all rocks away from you, when you swing your sword)
-Bomb Blade (when you swing your sword, you will cause a magical explosion around yourself as well)
-Advanced Time Stop (stop the time for longer using the Magic Clock)
-Dragon Obliterator (do 1000 DMG on all dragons)
-Vast Wisdom (see town location of every quest item)
-Gun Bomb (Fire a bomb at enemies when shooting your gun)
-Regen Medkits (temporary HP regeneration after using a Medkit)
-Anti Magic Medkits (temporary Anti Magic after using a Medkit)

8214 invincible
7263 no arenas
5529 10000 gold pieces
8641 perk point
3637 maxed out
3335 custom start
7291 final weapons
9915 Ultimate Vengeance Slash
2288 blast gun
9378 quad blaster
6691 auto gun
8435 god attack
2724 spinning blades
9918 goofy final boss