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KingKobora started a playthrough for Above Hell

Part 1

If you are curious or if you ever had trouble getting into my game, Above Hell, check this video series out. It might help you along the way!


Autosave feature added!

I uploaded yet a new version. Only download the latest version if having the autosave feature for every scene seems beneficial to you. I know it is pretty easy to die in some areas, so this might be pretty great for some people.


Running out of content to add

I just keep adding and adding and adding--but I feel like I have to stop SOMEWHERE...

Over the last few days, the latest version contains:
-Newly added Cave Systems! I have just added 23 new cave systems scattered through out the whole world, each with a treasure/bonus to gain. Each cave is filled with challenging battles to fight through in order to obtain the prize. Super-rewarding, a whole new element to explore in this already massive game!
-New Inn-rating system, where you rate the inns you stay at out of 4, super fun to try. Your ratings get scored out of how accurate you rate them and you can get a nice perk later on if you have a 90% or higher rating
-Fast traveling - insanely useful in this game. Made this game A LOT more gamer-friendly
-A new arena game you can play in City of Dreams when you complete the game.
-Easy mode, for those who enjoy a more relaxed experience

A grand total of 706 maps in this game...holy crap. Enjoy, those of you who decide to give it a try. If you have previously played this game when I released it a few weeks back, PLEASE try it again. I have improved so much since then, and I do believe it was already pretty fun when I originally declared it "finished". I plan to record a play through of it, probably very soon, in hopes that it will help those who are trying to get into it, or just catch the eyes of those who haven't noticed it yet.


New version - 8/22

New features added:
-Fast travel: It works great! With every new town you discover, you are able to fast travel to that location instantly through your map screen. Try it out!
-Inn rating: Each inn you stay at, your experience is described to you in pros/cons. You are then required to rate it 1-4 stars, based on your description. The more accurately you rate inns, the higher your approval rating as an inn reviewer, which eventually unlocks a nice perk later on in the game.
-Fixed more and more bugs


Massive update 8/17 Above Hell

This version has BIG improvements

Biggest are:
-Totally reworked lock pick system. Now you can break into ANY houses and steal gold from chests. Beware of the shadowy figures and the eyes that gaze. If you are caught, you instantly become enemies of that town.
-Added visual that shows literally where quest items are returned to on your map, when a certain skill is obtained in the City of Dreams
-Added multiple ways to unlock the final realm (lock pick through the gate or find three hidden switches, scattered through out)
-Added difficulty selection at the beginning of the game: Normal (no changes to gameplay) and Easy (you take a lot less damage, and you do a lot more damage to enemies, as well as you get a perk point to spend)
-I have also added a handful of minor things scattered through out the world to make it a more exciting experience.

Please let me know if you find any bugs/glitches in the new version!

Progress Report

Seeking last minute suggestions!

I am about to have a baby girl (so insanely excited to begin this next chapter of my life) so this is most likely the last month I will spend putting any focus into this game. I was going to be 100% done with this a few weeks ago but over test-playing it, I've thought of more and more things to fix.

Any of you who have given it a try, do you have any suggestions or bug-fixes I can focus on, to get this game into the best possible shape before I turn away from it? I would LOVE any and all feedback from any of you who have given it a spin. If there are any game-breaking mechanics, please let me know and I can fix them up to make this a reliable, fun experience.

Things I've added/fixed:
-decreased HP on enemies in Fortress of Despair (their HP WAS insanely high, I looked at that as a game flaw)
-added a demon that randomly appears on maps that attacks you, the more of the world you explore, the higher the chance it appears
-given the ability to disable the skill Warp Slash, which you gain in Central Market, when you talk to the town person
-added new songs to the music shuffle
-added new area in the game where you can spend your keys to open up mystery chests, giving you different amounts of gold

Any other ideas?


Updated Above Hell 8/12/2022

I added hidden discs scattered through out the world (6 total) which unlock new tracks that get shuffled into the game music play list.

I tweaked the battle system when using the sword. Now your attack width is more than just one tile. It is spread out into three tiles. So if you are swinging your sword left, you can hit enemies within your swing range, but one tile above or below the current row you are on. I feel like that technically makes more sense, as you aren't only swinging your sword directly in front of you.

I have also made minor tweaks to small bugs/glitches.


VERY Complete! This game is ready to play!

I've gotten this game to a point where I am overly confident in it's gameplay. I have been obsessing lately and I think I am finally ready to call-it-quits.

Play it now! There is so much to explore, discover, and battle through.

This game is totally complete. If you find something that needs fixing, I WILL correct it and update it. Just reach out! But I don't plan on adding anything new to it anymore.

Check out this added page:

Be aware, that page contains cheat codes. Avoid looking at those if you want to play the game the correct way. If you want to play it casually just to have fun, those codes can be very entertaining.

Progress Report

Updated 7/16

I have made a handful of updates over the past few days, constantly making the game better and more polished. I’m at the point now where I think I’m done making updates at least until I get my first feedback. Please download the latest version if you’ve played the game to get the best overall experience!

Progress Report


Nothing game-changing, just fixed some minor bugs and added a more immersive style of spell casting, see my latest screen shot.

I will probably be updating this game a few more times over the next few days.
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