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Demo available--plenty of gameplay

  • moam
  • 05/09/2022 11:25 PM
So I'm not a huge fan of releasing demos, but I figured this version had enough gameplay on it where I could at least get some feedback as I create the rest of this massive game. So far, I have completed about 120+ maps and I aim to have around 500 completed when the game is finished. I am aiming to have this be a huge exploration game. If you try out the demo, don't hesitate to leave me feedback so you can let me know what you like and don't like, so that as I build onto this game, I can make it the best it can be.

This game is being built off my previous game, Under World 4, by the way--in case you haven't played that. That one was completed back in 2011. If you would rather try out a completed game, by all means, give that one a go.

I will continue to leave updates on this page as I make more progress, working on this game.