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EVERNA Shiori Amiga
Author: Andry Chang
Developer: Evernade Creative Circle
Game Engine: RPG Maker MZ

Destiny is stronger than blood.

Shingo and Shiori Amiga, the twin siblings are
separated by force. Orphaned and penniless, Shingo
is forced to live as a vigilante outlaw. Abducted
and experimented upon, Shiori then lives with
Junishi Abe. She was specially trained to be an
agent for Goemon Investigations Agency.

The outlaw and the law enforcer then follow each
other’s paths into mysterious, mystical cases,
encountering people with espers or guardian
spirits. When the siblings come into conflict with
each other, the mystery around Shiori’s abduction
slowly begins to unfurl.

The mystery so great, the size of the entire Omnia Universe.

Playable Characters:
- Shingo Amiga: Vigilante, outlaw. Shiori's twin brother.
- Shiori Amiga: Shingo's twin sister, a Goemon Investigations agent.
- Gale Zhao: Martial artist and chef at Jade Phoenix Restaurant.
- Junishi Abe (Nishi): Sniper, a Goemon Investigations agent.
- Keiji Yorinaga: Senior Agent of Goemon Investigations Agency.
- Chiyo Higashi: A painter mage who casts magic by painting it in any shape.
- Ryonoken (Ryo Hayabusa): A lone wolf, legendary ninja who helps Shiori and Shingo.
- Mariko Chime: Tsubaki Temple Priestess.

Guest Characters:
- Hayato Mori: Yakuza Champion and Boss of the Silver Skull Yakuza Cell.
- Fuwa Mizutani: Director of Goemon Investigations Agency, descendant of Mizutani Goemon, a hero.
- Ciel: Guest Character from the novel "The Goddess' Will" by Mertha Sanjaya
- Arcel Raine: Guest Character, a pilgrim of Everna by Andry Chang

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Latest Blog

Shiori Amiga Version 1.1.

Hear ye! Hear ye! We've launched a new version for Shiori Amiga game!

Just a minor tweak by changing the battle backgrounds, tailor-made by Evernade for this sci-fi game to boost engagement.

If you have downloaded the game, you can just download and install the game again in your previous directory. Just remember to move the savegame files first to another directory, and then you can copy-paste them back into the new game directory. Thanks, and enjoy!

For more about Evernade, Everna Saga and all our IP works, visit our portal linktr.ee/evernade.
  • Completed
  • vadis
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • RPG
  • 05/11/2022 06:59 AM
  • 07/03/2023 02:39 PM
  • 08/16/2022
  • 9560
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Okay, this game's first (and only) demo is up!
We welcome feedback and inputs from dear testers.
We're aiming for this game to be the default modern setting game for RPG Maker MZ.
Thanks and enjoy the novelgame!
This game is just completed development. There might be updates if the developer and/or the beta testers have finished playing and revising this game, also removing the bugs if any. Completion date; August 16, 2022.
As we begin our self beta testing, we've found a minor but rather annoying bug in the game. So far it's all fixed, and we've re-uploaded the game file under the same name. Please download and re-install the game if necessary. Rgds, Evernade a.k.a. Vadis.
Help please! I got stuck in the maze part with shingo
Help please! I got stuck in the maze part with shingo

If that maze is the abandoned house in Sujima Slums, here are the directions:
1: (entrance) up
2: left
3: down
4: right
5: right
6: up
7: up
I think a walkthrough is in order :p
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