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Progress Report

Part of Intro

Part of Blackmoon Prophecy Prelude's intro. There will an ominous panning bit BEFORE this intro sequence that will be similar to the panning shots at the start of Final Fantasy VI. I will add those parts at a later date!

Progress Report

Testing Videos

Two videos to show off today!

The first video is the world map. It is intended to be similar to a tactical RPG's world map in that the player moves about on an illustrated world map and selects a location to enter. Players will unlock new locations on the map as they progress. Blue locations are towns, red are hostile areas where the player can fight generic enemies, yellow are mission locations, and white are optional non-combat areas.

It was pointed out on YouTube by Kaimi Kreissel that the A and R in the location preview images were too similar to one another. I agreed and have since fixed this by adding an additional black pixel to the R, but this change was made after the below video was recorded.

Next video is the very first battle test! There's not much in place yet, but it's a great start I feel. I'm reusing a lot of assets from the cancelled Blackmoon Prophecy III such as the battle transition and many sound effects. I'm also pixelating the RTP battle animation files (shrinking by 33% and then resizing them back to their original sizes via pixel resize) to give them a nice pixelated SNES look.

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