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Introduction of my project "Legendary Quest":

Hello here is my new project which is currently in the development phase, I am on a parallax mapping style without animation for the moment, I am also writing the story in parallel, graphically I have taken several tree resources and other textures applied by hand on each card in the game.

Accuracy of the game: (big line)

The world is semi-open with two parallel universes, one with magical creatures with which we interact or fight them and the other world "Elora" that of humans which is at permanent war between the different kingdoms of the world, the game will offer side and main quests. This project is a demonstration for personal use and the resources will be encrypted.

Story and introduction of the main character:

The protagonist of the game is called Irina, she is a warrior who on the ocean in the middle of a battle found herself fallen into the sea to wake up on a beach in an unknown country or rather an unknown parallel world, her goal therefore , is to return to the real world in order to fight the armies of different human factions that populate the world of Elora.

Speech from the world of Elora:

The world of Elora is a world in which several peoples have lived at war for centuries, with now its different factions populating its universe and therefore each its own army, the world of Elora also hides a parallel world populated by magical creatures, fairies and other fantasies in a world already well destroyed in its reality by war... This is where you come in by entering this world not by chance but as if something pushed you to fail here, in this unreal world...(more soon)

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