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Seven years ago, Aethren lost everything. Her childhood, her home, and her family.
On the run for years, a chance encounter soon causes her to embark on an adventure much bigger than she expected it to be, as she aims to discover the truth behind the one thing she has left from her past:
A special amulet she received from her brother.


Message from me, the developer:
At last, I am finally publishing my second RPG to this site! I didn't mean to use as many plugins and stuff as I did, but as I was making the game, more and more ideas flooded into my head, one thing led to another, and as a result this game is going to turn out much bigger than I expected it to...
So, for now, I'll release this demo, which lets you play the entirety of the first chapter of my game!

The Light Scorned, partly inspired by Bravely Default, will feature:

  • An expansive story that follows Aethren in her adventures in Arkhalis

  • Up to 24 different classes to use and experiment with

  • A menu that displays detailed information about characters in the story

  • Plenty of interactions between the main party members

  • And more!

Should you choose to check this demo out, I hope you enjoy it, and I'd appreciate a rating, or maybe even a review!

*as this is a demo, some features of the game are subject to change


Special thanks to Team VisuStella!

Download Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/the_light_scorned/725763

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It would appear there may be an error in my download package where it does not include all the graphics needed to run the game.
This should be fixed soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Fixed it.
You have to download the game from Gamejolt though. The link to that is in the description!
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