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Created for Riggy2k3's seven day "C.I." (copywright infringment) Game Jam on itch.io that tasked people with making a fan game of anything, I came up with the idea of a SimCity fan game at the eleventh hour called SimCabbie!

SimCabbie has you assuming the role of a cab driver in SimCity. You must pick up fares and transport them to their destinations while engaging in small talk. Your cab driver finds themselves becoming involved the life of a regular passenger, for better or for worse. Be sure to stay on the good side of other fares as well or risk receiving demerit points from your boss!

Outside of transporting fares, players can also save at libraries, refuel at gas stations, withdraw funds at the bank, enter lotteries at the casino, and more.

SimCabbie also only features a single map, and that is the game's interpretation of SimCity itself. You'll have to learn the streets of this large overhead city map to efficiently transport your fares from location to location!


Game length should be 45-60 minutes for players who find their way around SimCity without too much difficulty!

Keep in mind if/when playing, this is far from groundbreaking or doing anything new and is just a fun project that was made in a week for a game jam!

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  • 05/30/2022 01:48 AM
  • 06/07/2022 07:05 PM
  • 05/29/2022
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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Great game!!!

Also minor 1.2 update:
- Added names to three more previously unnamed roads: Benny Street, Figaro Street, and Mleenvev Drive.
- Removed a dialogue box at the start of the intro that reads "Taxi Fuel" that wasn't supposed to be there.
This looks very interesting. Will try this one for sure, mate.
Very cool! I didn't expect the "roleplay cabbie dialogues" part!
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