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a short game about going through a 5 room dungeon, acquiring a 5th skill, finding 5 collectibles, getting 3 out of 5 items and 3 party members meeting 2 new people, totalling 5 characters.

play as Mechanic(us), as he leads a party of 2 (not including himself), consisting of Shichun, the demon masquerading as a painter and Abajur, the alchemist shark/dragon thing through the 5 room dungeon in the hopes of finding some treasure before anyone else does.

originally made in 4 hours and 37 minutes. not counting outside engine time, for the 15 years of RMN event.

the gamepage release, v 1.0.1, fixes a few bugs, adds some new dialogue and buffs a certain skill to be LORE ACCURATE. you can still download the old, game jam version, v.1.0.0 if you want.

- everything listed above, below the title
- a boss battle
- lowercase writing
- monochrome-ish graphics
- the sense of satisfaction u get after finishing a game

the updated, gamepage release also features:
- bug fixes
- a title screen
- grammar fixes
- minor tweaks
- 5th skill is now lore accurate

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