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Gloria Hartman has died, leaving her estate to her grandchildren. The only problem is that nobody can find her will. Running out of time, her family decides to hire a private investigator named Georgie to find the missing will. In his investigation, he finds a family of diverse values and interests and discovers that Mrs. Hartman's love of rainbows has led her over the years to dress her family in the colors of the rainbow. Georgie, himself, has inadvertently donned his orange suit for this job, making him fit right in with the family.

The chosen rainbow was the basic one that Liberty offered on the event page.

Seven characters wear one of each color.

Steve wears Red
Georgie wears Orange
Jenna wears Yellow

Ellen wears Green

Phil wears Blue
Gloria Hartman wears Indigo
Carly wears Violet

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Somehow this reminds me of Knives Out.
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