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Updated version available!

  • torichi
  • 06/20/2022 11:41 PM

Hello! It has finally come to my attention that people who use newer versions of Windows OS experience a lot of problems playing old RPG Maker games, which is why you either downgrade to Windows 7 or use Linux I decided to update readme.txt with instructions on how to deal with that (I'm not adding Harmony.dll myself, sorry), as well as use this opportunity to fix several bugs (one of those has prevented an ending to be obtained even!) and make it so that save files for the regular and lite version can be exchanged without any inconveniences.
Please do try to play and enjoy this game even if it requires you to do something about that DirectDraw error.
And hey, if you're reading this on RMN, enjoy another bonus Pride-themed pixel art!

P.S. Massive props to everyone who got the obscure song reference in readme.txt c: