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Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1488200/Symphony_of_War_The_Nephilim_Saga/

Launch Trailer:

Symphony of War is a new Strategy RPG series, with The Nephilim Saga as the first game. It's been developed using RPGMaker VX Ace using a new tactical engine with moving units around on a grid (tactical map) to do battle and capture map objectives. You pick one of two Protagonist graphics and name them, and play as a recent Imperial Academy graduate tasked with a routine mission that will open the door to a grand struggle. Starting from humble beginnings, you eventually build a massive and powerful army as the various factions of Tahnra clash for dominance.

Squads: In a departure from the classics from which this game derives its inspiration, SoW's units are Squads. There is a squad grid of 15 slots (9 whole, 6 half) and up to 9 possible individuals in each Squad. Every Squad has a leader, who grants it leadership traits, and determines the squad's capacity via the LDR stat. Formation is of the highest importance as you build your squads as it affects how enemies can target your troops.
Home Base: Between chapters, you will go to the Home Base sequence, where you hire new troops or mercenaries, advance your faction technology, watch support conversations between the characters, go to the Battle Arena for more XP and loot, access tutorials and reference guides, and most importantly, organize / build / customize your Army.
Relationships and Bonds: A diverse array of cast members can engage in charming Support conversations, reflecting their reaction to the main story's events, and allowing the player to build friendships and bonds between them. In addition to the flavor of it, these relationships offer bonuses to Morale in battle.
Unit and squad customization: 50+ unit classes to choose from in 3-4 tiers of upgrades. Dozens of traits, both individual and leader-based. Artifacts, like weapons, armor, and accessories, that affect the whole squad.
Faction Tech Tree: Three branches of tech to choose from, spending tech points you get from advancing your Faction Rank. Academy, Command, and Craftsmanship. Academy affects recruiting, growth, magicians and support, and dragons. Command grants more battlefield tactics, and squad capacity bonuses. Crafts are direct upgrades to equipment and certain class unlocks, namely a focus on firearms units such as Gunners, Dragoons, and Siege Cannons.
Battlefield Tactics: 5 different types of attacks to choose from. Balanced, Aggressive, Cautious, Force Surrender, or Target Leader. Battles play out automatically, but you can influence tactics within battles with these commands. Outside of battles, you can achieve Charge attacks as a cavalry squad, which shocks the target for 1 turn, or Ambush attacks as a light squad, which counts as a free squad-wide attack without being countered, so long as the enemy is in woods, swamp, or townscape. Cavalry units can move after attacking.
Map Objectives: Mines, Towns, Castles, Stables, Temples, Bazaars, etc. Capture map objectives to gain resources, advance Faction Rank, find exotic items or mercenaries, hold a strongpoint by capturing a fort or wall, etc.
Terrain, Weather, Day/Night: Hills, fortresses, and the tops of walls offer high ground. This gives +1 range to archery and cannon attacks. Being in the woods protects from long range archery. Being in woods, swamp, or townscape allows light squads to Ambush. Being in grassland, roads, or other open terrain give Cavalry certain advantages.
Morale and Surrender: Tons of ways to influence Morale. Having high Morale gives you a chance for extra attacks in the same battle. Low Morale lowers your attack power. If the enemy's Morale is low, you can force them to surrender, which gives you more gold from their bounty at the end of the chapter.
Squad types: Squads derive their type from what the majority of the squad's capacity is used by. You have several unit archetypes. Heavy Infantry, Heavy Cavalry, Light Infantry, Light Cavalry, Archery, Firearms, Magicians, Support, and Dragons.
"God abilities": You will eventually learn god abilities which the player can use whenever that ability's mana is charged up. These are special skills you can use to influence the battle independent of what your squads are doing. These abilities include teleporting squads, refreshing their turns, making a squad nearly invincible, dropping meteors on enemies, and more.

Thank you for anyone who gives it a shot!

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I wasn't sure if you were still making games anymore, but it turns out you were working on some pretty solid stuff. This looks excellent!
This seems to be making waves on Steam! So congrats and nice job on the success!
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