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Once upon a time, it was Oshun's 38th birthday. To celebrate, he got a pizza for himself. However, the pizza turned out to be alive! Marco the pizza guy managed to avoid getting eaten by Oshun, who is well known for having an unrivaled appetite. Marco convinced Oshun to seek out the mythical Pizza Island, with the promise of obtaining a pizza made by the Goddess of all Pizza.

Assuming such a pizza would be incredibly delicious, Oshun accepted the quest and hired an adventurer by the name of Francis for protection on the high seas. Francis is hoping that the Pizza Goddess will also be able to solve his personal plight, as a previous adventure involving a seasonal bracelet with the power of Demeter had managed to turn him into a frog.

The sea is filled with dangers, as a pirate gang called the Barrels has been reported as causing trouble in the local waters. Rumors are cropping up that they even took out an entire rival pirate gang recently.
Can this ragtag group survive a brush with these Barrels?

In this game, you will be taking a trip by ship, which will take multiple in-game days to complete. What you do on the way to your destination is up to you. There will be happenings and events on your ship from time to time. Sometimes it'll just be another day of sailing. Eventually encounters will appear on the map, allowing you to challenge the enemies present in those locations. There might also be a secret or two hiding in these waters...?

This game was made for Ocean's 38th birthday over the course of two weeks, using the bones of a previously cancelled project as a base.

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  • retroexcellent (Initial character writer)
    ItsJustAClint (Enemy's sprite artist and lorewriter)
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  • 06/17/2022
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